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Restaurant Review: Zizzi's Earls Court

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!!!

On the 1st of November I got loads of messages from people about 11th hour miracle but I didn't really think much of it. Yesterday, I got a phone call like the one I spoke about in this post and I can't wait to share the good news with you all on Sunday :)

So I met up with Kachee Tee while in England in July, remember when I gave you a Summary of my July movements here.
We had dinner at a pretty popular Italian restaurant chain called Zizzi's which was a couple of minutes away from where I stayed.
She just interviewed me on her blog so check out the post here and let me know if you learn something new about me :)
I ordered the King Prawn Linguine which is made up of King Prawns & Courgette ribbons in a hot roquito chilli, tomato, white wine and lobster sauce.
It was nice, not as spicy as expected so I added Black Pepper to it which gave it a much needed kick.
I thought the plate it came in was really pretty in a unique way.
Kachee got Calamari rings as a starter and Spaghetti Bolognaise as her main.
It wasn't as pretty to photograph as my dish but remember that beauty doesn't affect taste.
Next time I go to Zizzi, I will definitely try their Rustica Pizza as I haven't tried a rectangular shaped pizza before.
I really liked the chalkboard theme going on.
The wooden logs added character to the restaurant and gave it personality too.
The hung meat further defined the sort of vibes they were trying to give off.
I really like it when restaurant owners think not just about the food and plating but about the decor and ambience too.
They sort of mixed up our drink orders and I had a sip of Kachee's alcoholic cocktail which was soooo strong.
I like the fact that they added fresh raspberries to the drink though.
It was fun meeting up with a Blogger Boo like Cassie spoke about in this post.
We gisted for a really long time and I love the fact that we got along so easily :) 
Make sure you check out her blog here, she is a lawyer and posts really great content :)
My next post will be on LFDW Day 2 and there will be a travel related giveaway going up next week. Winners of the giveaway from this post will be contacted before the week ends so if you haven't entered you can still do so here.


  1. Omg! I look totally knackered - result of meeting up after a crazy work day. Phew. Next time, I have to make sure I look a bit on fleek. Such a shame we didn't get a decent photo of us! It was so good meeting you, and I can't forget your reaction when you tasted the cocktail. Hahahaha. I'll leave the link to the interview below as well. || Bloglovin'!
    We Interview: Tuke Morgan - Saxophonist, Food Photographer and Blogger

    1. Awwww, I think you look cute even though you came straight from work :)
      Looool, I know, next time definitely, loooool, it was lovely meeting you too boo!

  2. I like Zizzi's. I've only had the calzone which I've been told looks like a giant meat pie. The prawns on their starter menu is really nice. May try one of their pasta dishes next time I'' there.

    1. I've only had Calzone once, at a restaurant near my friend's country home in Surrey/Sussex and it was really good. I wonder if any restaurant in Lagos serve Folded pizza. Awwww, didn't order anything from their starter menu, maybe next time.

  3. I like the ambience of the restaurant and your food looks good. Waiting on the good news and I loved your interview on Kachee's blog.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thank you Sarah :)
      Whooohooo :D :D

    2. Why didn't you take any pictures of yourself? The food looks great...and Kachee too, despite the tiredness in her eyes, lol.

      The YC blog || Bloglovin'
      If Nigerians Practice Halloween

    3. The picture the waiter took of both of us didn't come out clear :(

  4. I love your blogs :)
    Eagerly waiting for the goodnews Tuke ;)

  5. Hy Tuke
    I read the interview on Kachee's blog. I love you already๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’ right from the very first day I saw you perform at 'On the Rock concert. You are an amzing lady.