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LFDW 2016 Day 2 Recap

Hey Guys,

TGIF right :)

As promised in my last post, this is my recap of LFDW Day 2. Check out my Day 1 recap here :)

I got there pretty early in the day as I wanted to attend the session titled "Bloggers & Influencers: Their role in promoting fashion".

I hung out with Dee Mako, Akin Faminu and Grace Alex and really enjoyed the time spent with my Blogger Boo's.
One of my classmates from Secondary School was showing her work that day so quite a number of my secondary school classmates were there :) Congratulations Ladunni Lambo!!!
I wore this vibrant printed jacket from Karen Ubani and added a belt to cinch my waist :)
Shout out to @chyder 5 of iShoot runway for the pictures with my Afro :)
Shout out to Grace for the pictures with my Puff, It's so funny how my afro shrinks with humidity, choi.
I took off the belt in the evening and actually prefer how it looked without the belt. However, when I tried it on at home, I preferred it with the Belt, oh well!
I just got braids done and I'm really feeling them :) I tried sha, rocked my afro for 2 months with no protective styling.
You get 5% off this jacket or the green version here if you enter the Coupon Code TUKEM01 on Scarlet Pieces.com. This offer is valid from now till November 13th :)
Make sure you stop by the blog on sunday to find out what this good news is!!!
Have a Great Weekend!!!


  1. Beautiful! I'm currently rocking my Afro too. Done one month, another month to go. Love the gold scrappy sandals. And the jacket, hmm sure I'd go with a belt for day time look and without for night. You looked really popping!

  2. Grace's hair is pretty, Akin Faminu is always slaying 👍. Lol natural hair things, sometimes I want to start afresh bc to awkward length.. I love your jacket and I think i prefer it with the belt but both ways rock.. Awaiting Sunday 😎


  3. You look very good. Always slaying and smiling. Hope to see you some day.