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Restaurant Review: Craft Gourmet Lagos

Hey Guys,

Happy Friday!!!!

I hope you've had a Great Week so far.

This post is long overdue as I visited Craft Gourmet with Kemi Onabanjo in August.
 I watched her valedictorian speech, read about her project 30 by 30 and knew I had to meet her.
You can understand better her journey to visit 30 countries before she turned 30 here.
 One thing I like about Craft Gourmet is the size of their drinks.
They come in pitchers like this and cost between 2 and 3 Thousand Naira (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Cocktails)
 Craft Gourmet is known for their Chicken and Waffles but neither of us ordered that.
I got the Beef Stir Fry with Fried Rice.
Kemi got the Chicken Yassa with White Rice.
The portions were pretty big but after trying some of Kemi's White Rice, I realised the Beef Stir Fry went better with the White Rice.
I didn't take pictures of the decor/space but the ambiance there is so perfect.
It's spacious, well lit and it doesn't feel like your typical Nigerian Restaurant.
My meal cost N5,500 and so did Kemi's. So if you're date budget is 10k & you want to go to Craft Gourmet, you're better off ordering something from the Breakfast Menu like Pancakes or Waffles.

Have you been to Craft Gourmet before? What was your experience like?


  1. I miss chapman and other cocktails in Nigeria :(

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Eyah, you can make your's na, use fanta and black currant cordial/ribena sef.
      I'm sure you can find a simple chapman recipe online.

  2. Finally food post.. I like the beef stir fry, seems yummy. I need to check out your food post from blog inception as I'm looking for where to go on my birthday and good food is key for me even if I'm going alone. Thanks Tuke you rock


    1. Look, I know right, more to come, don't worry!
      Awww, will reply your email now :)

  3. Lovely photos, Tuks! (as always)
    I never order rice when I go out out, but that fried rice looks really pretty.
    30 countries before 30? Really impressive of Kemi!

    1. Thanks AB :)
      Lool, I don't typically oder rice as a main meal.
      This was more like an accompaniment.
      Very very impressive!!

  4. i've always wanted to meet kemi!!!
    shes kinda my secret role model as shes walking in the path I'm planning for my life.
    very pretty pictures too!!

    1. Awwww, you should send her a DM on Insta, she is very open and friendly.
      Thank you :)