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What i've been up to

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday :)

Hope you had a Great Weekend!

I played at a corporate event on Friday and rocked my red dress from this post. It is the only thing I own from Asos, I've never actually ordered anything from them, my sister bought the dress for me.
So, one of the reasons I started this Blog was to let people know about interesting events in Lagos and I haven't done that in a while because the Blog has evolved in so many different ways. Also, Fomo Lagos, Nothing to do in Lagos and the Events this weekend post that goes up on Bella Naija every thursday kinda solve that problem.
So, my friend told me about a Food Photography workshop First Bank organised and I'm so glad she didn't assume I had heard about it.
I learnt a lot from Kelechi Amadi Obi, Haneefah Adam of Muslimahanie, Mrs Iquo Ukoh of 1q Food Platter and Adaobi of Dobby's signature.
There was on online Food Photography competition but I wasn't aware of it and it really pained me as i know I would have won something. 1st Prize 100k, 2nd Prize 50k, 3rd Prize 30k, choi, free money, lool
Aramide performed some of her most popular tunes and I really enjoyed it
I've been playing a lot of events and parties and rocking my Natural hair with pride like I mentioned here. 
I always put videos on Instagram and Insta Stories so make sure you are following me on there.
I went for Arese's Book signing at Laterna Ventures. If you need to get Christian Books, Business Books, Children's Books, educational toys, journal's, gift items or Christian music, you should visit their website and order something or stop by their store in VI.
There was a rock concert at Freedom Park on the day of the Food Photography workshop and it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. 
I didn't know there was a Passionate Rock loving community in Nigeria, it was very eye opening.
I met some cool people like Fiyin and his friends who make these tees.
Their company is called 88 apparelz and they have promised to design a Saxy T shirt for me, can't wait to see what they come up with :D
I met loads of Blog readers, Instagram followers and old friends and colleagues that I hadn't seen in ages. I'm really glad I went to Freedom Park that day. 
It was nice to do something different from my usual routine and meet new people.
 It was also interesting to observe gothic/emo fashion.
I attended my first Book club event last Sunday and it was pretty interesting.
It's called the Barely Literate Book club if you are interested.
It's organised by my friend, Mosope, from this post.
It was at the orchid bistro in Ikeja and there was a nice mix of boys and girls.
I loved how passionate people got when talking about the various characters in the book and I am looking forward to the next one.
I'm really looking forward to Fashion Week, this is the first time I have actually planned my outfit in advance. I really need to travel somewhere new before the year ends too.

Hope you enjoyed this post and hope you had a great weekend. 

My next post is my 300th one and I'm going to one giving some beautiful dresses to some wonderful readers. Make sure you have subscribed here or this giveaway will pass you by.

Have a Great Week!!!


  1. 300 posts!!! You go girl. How did you miss a food photography competition! You will definitely have won something! Have a great week!

    www.KacheeTee.com || Bloglovin'!
    Workcation - 7 Fun Days In Malaysia!

    1. Thanks Hun.
      Mehn, I don't know o, it wasn't properly publicised tbh, it really pained me but I'm sort of over it now.
      It's all good sha, God knows why.
      Have a Great Week too!!

  2. Awwwn, it was nice meeting you at the Rock Concert! Congrats on your 300th post....many greats posts and collaborations (hopefully, we finally get to collaborate on something).

    https://eattechtravel.wordpress.com/ || Tourism Meets Royalty: Erin Ijesha

    1. It was lovely meeting you at last. Thank you :)
      I'm sure we will soon.
      I still haven't been to Arabesque or Velvett yet.

  3. Congratulations on your 300th post!!.Would love to join the barely literate book club as I love reading but I really don't like going out,I am shy🙈

    1. Thank you Laddidi :)
      You should't definitely attend the next one, it was a really interesting and everyone was really warm and welcoming.

    2. thebarelyliterate26 October 2016 at 09:52

      You should definitely join our book club! We are all honestly friendly people and we promise we don't bite :)

  4. Yay to 300 posts! Boo to not knowing about the food photography competition because you would have smashed it!

    I hope you guys know I'm now vicariously living through all of you - with your Lagos events posts.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Asiiiin!!!
      Awww, will be putting up more Weekend Gist posts then.
      I also share a lot on Insta Stories.
      You should definitely attend more Blogger events in ATL and post on them too and maybe sign up to a Blogger program that will connect you with Brands for collaborations.

  5. Your pictures are so nice. Congrats on the 300th post. Please let the giveaway not be for Lagos people only pleeeaaaasssee

    1. Awww, Thank you Chidinma.
      They are unedited o.
      Thanks Boo, lool, it can only be delivered to a Lagos address o!

  6. thebarelyliterate26 October 2016 at 09:49

    Lol, I can't believe you haven't shopped on ASOS before! Thank you for the feature :)

    1. You're welcome! I never really was a fan of online shopping when we were in England, that's why. I preferred to try on the clothes before buying.

  7. 300th posts???? Wow! I remember when it was barely 30 posts up! Welldone girl! The Book Club sounds interesting, might look them up.

    Looking forward to the post and giveaways. Who no like good thing eh? *wink*

    1. Yeah, thanks booboo. You should definitely look them up and try and attend the next one.