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BBN Wonderland in a Dreamy White Dress

Hey Guys!!!

Happy New Month & Happy New Quarter too!!

I'm really looking forward to everything that will happen in this final quarter.
I left the 9 to 5 life at the end of June, was in the UK for most of July and spent August settling back in and learning French. September was the beginning of the Full time Creative Entrepreneur Lifestyle and I remain grateful for the wonderful opportunities that have been coming my way. 
If you watch my insta stories you would have seen the various wonderful events I've played at in the past couple of weeks, one of which was the BBN Wonderland.
I was very flattered when I was contacted to be a Vendor at the event :)
 Ink of Bella Naija Weddings saw me play at the Tastemakers event I wrote about here last year and thought I'll be a great fit for BBN Wonderland :D
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I have entered into the final quarter with a clearer sense of purpose and a mindset of intentionality and I'm excited for what the rest of the year holds.
I wore this Beautiful white dress from Miss Selfridge that I bought for my sister's 21st earlier in the year.
The clutch came with this dress from Monsoon that I bought at a boutique in Surulere earlier in the year.
It was a Masked party hence the intricate Silver Mask on my face :D
I think up-do's are always a Great Idea for fancy, formal and classy occasions. Shout out to @Inuore of @thehypelady for making my Natural Hair look so cute. I sent her this picture as inspiration and she nailed it, sucks that we didn't take pictures of the side view of my face but you can get a glimpse of what she created in this video. If you are in need of a Sweet, Talented Hair dresser/weave technician/wig maker then you should definitely get in touch with her.
Shout out to Jamie of JJP Studios who took the pictures at my sisters 21st.
Shout out to Tobbinator of TCD Weddings (from this post) who took the BBN Wonderland pictures.
Major Shout out to Gozie Coker of Coker Creative who planned the event :)

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Do you want me to share more posts like this which give greater insight into my Saxophonist life?


  1. This dress is really pretty!
    Congratulations on the BN Wonderland gig. Many more to come!

  2. Yeeeeess please. I'm so proud in you *in Jenifa voice*

    I'm just here chilling for the independence theme post to drop.

    1. Awwwww, Thanks Booboo!!!
      Your comment made me really Happy :D

  3. You are so gorgeous. Dress and Hair, check!
    So proud of you for taking this on fully! Saw clips on your IG story! || Follow me on Bloglovin'!
    3 Lifestyle Changes Since Moving to the UK!

  4. Good job Tuke. The dress is pretty. Your hobby will open doors for you.

    1. Thank you Dara :)
      The Hobby has become a profession o!

  5. You look amazing as always .beautiful dress hair, mask... I am happy your 9-5pm decision is working out for good, cheers to many more gigs 🍷.

  6. Welcome to the 24 hours work life as an exit from 9-5 means that you now have to work round the lock..... I absolutely love your white gown. Currently searching for a white gown to attend a bridal shower myself.

    1. Loooool, thank you :)
      I will dm you some places to check.