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Nigeria at 56

Hey Guys

Hope your week is going well :)

Mine has been alright, finally got my car back after 6 weeks, it pained me when I had to do that transfer to Hyundai. Lesson learnt sha, no more driving in flood.

So I'm finally putting up my 2016 Independence day Post, whoohooo!!! If you didn't read the 2014 or 2015 one, check them out here and here.

This photo shoot was planned but unplanned yet it came out nicely. Kabenny, I and the make up artiste from this post were supposed to plan a shoot for Independence however due to schedules and different events it didn't happen.
I went to Oriental Hotel during Lagos Start Up week and bumped into Kabenny there.
I realised I had this Green Jacket and white shirt in the car so we ended up having this mini shoot 2 days before Independence Day and he sent the pictures to me in less than 24 hours, Amazing right?
Apparently you have to pay N100,000 to shoot with a professional camera at Oriental so we were told to stop at different points. 
I'm glad he was able to get some Great Shots regardless, it was pretty dark for the outdoor shot as it was almost 8pm.
I've had the white shirt and Jacket for at least 4 years and they still look sooooo Fresh :) That's why it's good to invest in quality clothing.
The shirt is from Ralph Lauren and the Blazer is from H n M (I Love their Blazers).
The earrings are the Bridesmaid one's from Vicki and Dami's wedding which I wrote about here.
It's funny how I didn't even try the shirt & blazer combination until we were about to shoot yet it came out so nicely.
For more Green & White Inspiration, check out this post and this one too. Also, let me know what you wore on Independence Day :D



  1. The photos came out really well. But N100k ke? Wow.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Mehn, they asked if we were guests then said that 100k thing, federal palace too said the same thing when I was shooting this look:
      So we had to change venue. They said it's cheaper to pay for a room so you'll be given freedom to shoot.

  2. Lol.. planned and unplanned indeed :)
    Glad it came out okay. Stay winning!

  3. Yaay, finally. The pictures are so pretty. When are you coming to Ib, we need to talk o.

    1. Thank you Chinomso :)
      I'm glad you like them!
      I don't know o, whatsapp me.

  4. lol! Are you sure Nigeria is in a recession? 100k N to shoot in the environs of a hotel? Na una o!
    Anyways my dear Tuke, you rocked the green & white colors well. My favorite part of your look was the ruffles on the shirt and how they paired so well with the blazer. I see you wearing this to perform (or maybe I'm suggesting?) It could be your uniform - a nice detailed shirt, blazer, pants or skirt on the bottoms.

    1. Looool, it is o!
      I didn't pay the 100k though, it's people that have used the place for Pre wedding shoots and long shoots.
      We stopped shooting/shifted location's when they said it wasn't allowed.
      Thank you :)
      I though about wearing Blazers to perform but they aren't very comfortable as one's arms move around a lot when playing the sax. Also, I like to dress girly/wear skirts or dresses when I rock my natural hair which I've been rocking everyday since the beginning of September.

  5. Talk about timeless pieces!!! I really agree with you on buying good quality clothes and especially your staple pieces. Love it 💚

  6. AmaZING !!!! I like them all, very pretty.. Lol 100k really 😒 .I think my best is the one with the light and flag view, your smile with hand in the air and all of the rest..

    Productive or Procastination??

    1. Thank you Labake :)
      Looool, Hotels too get multiple streams of income.

  7. There's something about the quality of the photos that I like so much. I don't know what to call it... don't know much about photography. Nice work. And your look is well put together.