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Unboxing the Infinix Hot S

Hey Guys,

How have you been?

My Schedule has been pretty packed these past couple of days. 
I went to camp on Thursday, it was my friend's Bridal Shower on Friday, her Engagement on Sunday and the wedding was on Tuesday at Redemption Camp.
I also started French classes the week after I got back and it's pretty intense so yeah, your girl is back to being a student :)
I was a Bridesmaid for the first time and I really enjoyed the experience. If you watched my Insta Story you know what I am talking about :)
True Love is beautiful to see and I wish Vicky and Dami a Happy Married Life.
These pictures were taken when I got home after the wedding, that's why my face is so beat :) Shout out to Bukekayobymodu who made all the Bridesmaids up :)
So, I was gifted this phone by Infinix last week :)
It is called the Hot S and it comes in 5 different colours.
It costs N45,500-N50,0000 and can be purchased at Jumia, Konga or Slot.
It's functional features have been highlighted in the picture above.
The finger print scanner and magic movie feature are new innovative developments that this phone has.
The scanner is located in a very strategic location making it super easy to take Great Selfies.
The phone came with a manual, earphones, USB cable and a plug.
I'm looking forward to using this phone and I'll be sharing my experience with it on Instagram, Twitter and Insta Story so make sure you stay connected.

I recorded a video while unboxing the phone so watch it here and let me know what you think. Also, let me know what experiences you've had with Infinix, whether good or bad!

Don't forget to subscribe to the blog here so you don't miss out on the comprehensive review that shall be put up once I've used the phone for a while. If you any questions on the Infinix Brand or Infinix Phones, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

See you in my Next Post.


  1. Beautiful Tuke. The hair looks really nice on you.

    I use Infinix Zero and it's been good so far... Except for the battery issues.


    1. A www, Thanks Yvonne!!
      I know a couple of people who use infinix zero, What issues have you had with the battery.

  2. You look good, shout out to your make up artist for doing a good job. I watched all your insta stories so yeah I was updated.
    I've never used any infinix device. Although I've heard a lot of reviews about the brands. Mostly good reviews, i'm just get one for myself since it is budget friendly.

    1. Thanks Praise!!!
      Yayyy, I'm glad you watched them, really enjoying the new feature :)
      Awww, that's good, their phones are pretty affordable and they provide great value for money.

  3. Just checked out your video. Great job! Meanwhile I bought my Infinix Hot S Like last week after I read a review done by misstechy

    1. Thank you Lola, hope you are enjoying the phone!
      Just checked out her review and left a comment :)

  4. Just watched the video. Was thinking of getting Infinix or Samsung lately but I was told to go for Samsung instead 'cause of the low picture quality and battery issues with Infinix. After watching this video, it clicked that I have a camera, so why should I be bothered about picture quality. But what about the battery, does it really last. I just might change my mind when you do a full review 'cause I really need a new phone and this Infinix is super affordable. Meanwhile, I love your hair, it doesn't look 3years old at all.

    1. So I have a Samsung Note 5, Infinix Hot 2 and now an Infinix Hot S. Haven't experienced any battery issues with my Hot 2 and I haven't used the Hot S long enough to know what the battery is like. Infinix is a super affordable brand though, my Hot 2 only cost N17,500 compared to the latest Samsung's & iPhone's that will cut you back at least N200,000. Value for money!!
      Thank you, the hair has done really really well!!!

  5. You look stunning girl, I love the makeup and this hairdo on you. How was redemption camp btw. I'm also thinking perhaps my next phone will be an Infinix, I'll have to check this one out.

    Princess Audu

    1. Thanks Hunny!!!
      It was really good :)
      Awww, Nice, they are a great investment and have a phone to suit even the smallest budget!!

  6. Tuke the stunner 😀 ,nice look.. French is a cool language, am just so lazy to learn.. Infinix is becoming hot with their camera features 👍 enjoy it dear . Amen to your friend's happy married life..


    1. Hehehe, Thanks Hun!!!
      It is really cool and it's such great skill to be bilingual.
      They are trying o, will be showcasing it's quality on Instagram :)
      Thank you :)

  7. Just saw the video...you look stunning by the way ,Iv been collecting every brown lippy I find lately .🙈 I love how they look on brown skin..
    I used the old infinix alpha and I absolutely enjoyed it ,the fact that they are affordable and value for money is unbeatable...and now that they've made them more sleek I might just consider getting this one to replace my broken blackberry!!!Waiting on your review anyway before I plunge....

    1. Thank you Toyosi :)
      They look soon gorgeous!!!
      The value is really unbeatable!
      The review will be up in a couple of weeks, just need to use the phone for a long enough time to give a comprehensive, honest review.