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Restaurant Review: Crust & Cream

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a Great Weekend!!

Mine was super productive & fun even though I got a dry cough which has transitioned into a cold.

 It was filled with activities I love doing and people I enjoy spending time with. I put loads of pictures and videos on my Insta Story and Instagram Page so make sure you're following me on there :)

This videos shows one of the highlights of my weekend :)
So this post is actually a review of Crust & Cream in VI
These pictures were taken sometime in June when my friend from Abuja was around.
We wanted to eat out after church and didn't want somewhere too pricy.
She has got an interesting diet as she is is pescaterian. We went to 3 different restaurants before I remembered Crust & Cream, the solution to our restaurant hunt.
It's pretty sad when you read about a restaurant online and you get there and it's a disappointment/not as described, Oh well!!
So I've been to Crust & Cream a couple of times, I wrote a post on it for the Fayrouz blog here and I even played there once as a surprise for my friend's boyfriend on his birthday :)
My friend got the Heavy Weight Burger which is made up of 340g of Double Patties with cheese, tomato, onion, pickles and lettuce.
It cost N4,200 and he thoroughly enjoyed it.
I got the Sea breeze pasta which cost N4,500.
The dish consists of Linguini pasta with mixed seafood, tomato sauce, capers, olive, sundried tomato, red & green bell pepper and chill flakes.
It came with two sticks of Garlic Bread too :)
Their menu is on their website and I love it. I think many Restaurants in Nigeria need to update their restaurant to include the menu with prices. It will make life easier for their customers.
My Pescaterian friend got the Stir Fry Noodle with Shrimp. 
It consists of Sautéed shrimp with rice vermicelli, carrots, green beans, red and green bell pepper, cabbage, sprinkle with garlic flakes and spring onion. It cost N4,500. I think my dish was way nicer but she loved it.

My friend, Ify got the Singaporean Chilli Chicken which is Chicken breast sautéed with onions, ginger, tossed with our spicy Singaporean child sauce.
It came with Fried Rice and cost N4,000.
It was nice but I still think my Pasta was the best.
My friend and I had the same dish we had the first time we went and it was great to see that there is consistency. 
The prices have increased slightly which is expected as our exchange rate is really bad at the moment.
How is the exchange rate affecting you?
Have you been to Crust and Cream before? What was your experience like? What dish did you have?
Let me know in the comment section below :)


  1. Hahahaha. Interestingly my husband was just talking about Crust and Cream yesterday. he lovesss the burger! I haven't been though. But the food looks quite good! || Follow me on Bloglovin'!

    1. Eyahhhh, you should definitely try it out next time you're in Lagos. The food is quite good!!

  2. Mehn.... your food photography skills are on point! My friend wrote a review on Crust & Cream and he had good things to say about it. Food experience in a restaurant shouldn't be like NEPA. Good on some days, bad on others.

    1. Thank you Simi :)
      Lool, Interesting but true analogy!

  3. I never went there. I'm not even sure where it is. *hides face*

    Lovely photos!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Loool, it's in VI, not far from La Brioche. There are 3 restaurants in a row, Basilico, Pizzeriah and Crust & Cream. La Brioche is on the same road too.

  4. I like Crust and Cream but there is something off about it. I love their pasta tho!

    1. Their Pasta is Delish!
      What do you find off about it?