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Restaurant Review: Christopher's Covent Garden

Hey Guys, 

I hope you had an Amazing Weekend!

I sure did, spent Thursday to Sunday at #SheHiveLagos and it was a Mind Blowing Experience. If you don't know who they are, check out this post I wrote last year, follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and Subscribe to the Newsletter on their Website to keep yourself updated.

So I went to Christopher's on my sister's actual Birthday day in July. 
We went there for Brunch as that is what they are known for.
My little brother got the Christopher's Hamburger with Bacon
I think it's rather pretty and it was stacked nicely unlike the 99p burger at McDonalds (which is always a good snack)
My sister's friend got the Texas Grill which came with Cumberland Sausage, Sweet Cured Bacon, Grilled Chicken, Oven-Roasted Tomatoes, Fried Egg and Hash Browns.
She got Yummy Sweet Potato Fries as a side.
The only place I've had this kind of Sweet Potato Fries in Lagos is Road Chef, know any other restaurant in Lagos which serves this type of fries?
My dad got the Blackened Salmon with Jambalaya Rice and Cress Salad.
It looked really good and he enjoyed it but I didn't get a chance to try it.
My mum loves Salmon and makes the Best Salmon sauce with Tomatoes and lovely spices.
Shout out to Mum's who can cook :)

I got the Milk Chocolate Brioche French Toast with Vanilla Ice Cream 
It was soooooooooo Lit!!!
Much better than the French Toast I had at Mico's last year.
I am going to make French Toast or Waffles today because of this post.
You'll find out which one I decide to make on my Insta Stories :) :)
I thought these pictures looked good until I drizzled some Chocolate Sauce on it.
BAM WHAM BAM, I think the melted chocolate took the pictures to another level, don't you?
Look at this delicious gooey yummy meal.
I know I know, not very healthy,  it  is okay to indulge every once in a while though.
I ate some healthy Prawn Couscous at Nuli Juice last week, you should definitely try it out, it cost N2,000.
I had a Kiwi Fruit No-Jito which was sooooo good!

Apple & Ginger, Apple & Elderflower, Mixed Berry and Passionfruit No-jito's too.
I wanted to Passion Fruit or Mixed Berry one but I was too full after my meal to try it, maybe next time.
Have you been to Christopher's before? Do you have a Favourite Brunch spot?
Are you more of a Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner person?
Let me know and make sure you make the most of your week!!!


  1. That french toast with the melted chocolate looks so good. Now I want french toast

    1. Lool, Thanks :)
      I ended up making French Toast after putting up this post :D

  2. Oh! That salmon looks so 😋 Right now!

  3. Loool @shout out to mums who can cook! Burger is forever bae.. But fitfam... These days I def take sweet potato fries over regular fries. || Bloglovin'!
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    1. Looool, it's true o!!
      Mehn, I like both Sweet Potato and Regular fries.
      I think my mood determines my food preference tbh.

  4. This makes me so hungry. Girl you've gotten amazing with your reviews and pictures. The toast looks so litttttt

  5. Lol Tuke has come again to make me hungry.. Your food reviews and photography skill is litt #Tuke litt