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Restaurant Review: 1415

Hey Guys,

So I went to 1415 for a friend's Birthday on Tuesday. I had been there once before, and you can check out my review of it here.

The first dish to arrive on the table was this Salad.

It is called the Mixed Veg Starter and it cost N2,200
Kayode had this and he thought it was very well done.
He said the Dressing had the right amount of tang too.
It came out pretty in pictures so I like it, hehehe :)
He got the Sirloin for his Main.
He found it juicy, thick and a bit pink in the middle.
The Steak came with Roast Potatoes
 Kayode thought the potatoes were pathetic, bland and still a bit starchy
I just thought the portion was nothing to write home about, they could have used bigger potatoes.
Loads of People got the Spaghetti Bolognese
It cost N3,000 and the portion was ridiculously tiny. Tobi finished his in 4 mouthfuls and thought it was drowned in tomato sauce with tiny minced meat.

Seun put a picture of his Bolognese  on Snapchat and someone asked if it was a Kiddie's meal. Another person asked where the rest of the meal was. He asked for it to be spicy but it wasn't. Kachi got the Bolognese and a glass of Red Wine. She thought the Red Wine was expensive but alright. She thought the Spaghetti portion was too small for the price and she had never seen Bolognese that red. The spaghetti was salty, and it was literally drowning in the sauce
I got the Neapolitan pasta with Shredded Beef and it cost N4,500.
It was just there, nothing special, reminded me of the dolmio sauce in a jar. I think Dolmio even tastes better. My top 2 spots for pasta in Lagos are Crust & Cream and Petit Paris. What about you?

I expected the shredded beef to be like the size of the one I got here so I was pretty disappointed. Also, the pasta was al dente, I don't like Hard Pasta.
Ifeoma got the Spaghetti Carbonara and it cost N3,000.
She said it wasn't the best but Stacey (the Birthday Girl) had a bite of it and liked it. It had tiny bits of bacon in it.
Stacey got the Seafood Platter as a Starter and it cost N6,500. It came with Calamari and Shrimp.
To her, the Shrimps were okay but the Calamari was a Catastrophe. She thought they were unsalted and drier than an arid desert.
Chidinma got the Tagliatelle Sea Mountain and it cost N5,800
She thought it was alright and made sure she finished every bite.
 We got three complimentary Bread Baskets on the table and this was the best part of my meal. They were fresh, yummy and warm.
Ife got the the Beef Lasagne Peri Peri and it cost N4,900.
She thought it was tasty and filling.
I thought it was really pretty to photograph.
Bibi got the Prawn and Asparagus soup which cost N2,500. I didn't get a picture of it but here are her thoughts. It didn't suck but they listed it as a prawn and asparagus soup and na only two prawns waka come. On top of that they were malnourished. I washed them down with a third of a glass of white wine for 3k. I regret not validating my parking ticket. But oh well, It wasn't the worst I've had and I really enjoyed the company and  the cake!!!
I took some pictures of the guests, most of the girls had Natural Hair #CurlSisters :) :) :)
The service on the day was a bit slow, it took FOREVER to get our bill.
The waiters are trained to ask certain cute questions and they also put a Napkin on your lap when you sit.
I enjoy going for small intimate dinners where you get to meet new people and engage in interesting conversation.
The Birthday Cake was super delicious and it was from Candy
1415 isn't somewhere I go to often and everyone on the table complained about not getting value for money in terms of the size and taste of their food.
The ambience was good though, it meets the standards of a fine dining restaurant.
If you go there to eat, make sure you keep your receipt so you don't have to pay for parking.
Have any of you been to 1415? What was your experience like? What's your favourite restaurant in Lagos?
Tell me Tell me Tell me :)


  1. Aww,Stacey looks amazing!
    Really nice pictures.

  2. Looks like everyone had a good time! the prwans missed their way to the asparagus soup LOL

  3. Nice review... I ordered just a drink because I didn't plan to go Dutch/BYOM - saw that on my way... I am used to Naija/African celebrations with the celebrant (birthday celebrant, wedding celebrants... Party owner "sha") hosting. But it was good one and it was nice meeting wonderful people on Stacey's special day.
    Kayode's starter was really nice... I didn't exactly feel Ify's food... It wasn't mine, sooooo, who cares?
    Like Kayode noticed, it took forever for them to attend to us in our own country cause we had coloured skin... So, thumbs down to 1415 "for me" (personal opinion)...
    The Wheatbaker Lagos, Otres Restaurant, Ofada Boy, BLD by Play and home cooked meals are just good for my stomach /kpasko/...
    Lovely pictures. And I finally met my celeb saxophonist, Tuke Morgan... (One of my greatest achievements in 2016- literally)

    1. Awww, okay.
      Different folks for different folks :)
      I like wheatbaker and I love home cooked meals. Haven't tried Otres restaurant or Ofada Boy and you can read my review of BLD by Play , it's a couple of posts back.
      Thank you :)
      It was lovely meeting you Hun, lool, i'm sure many better things will happen to you this year :D

  4. Hey, so the portions you got were small(er) because it seems like most of y'all ordered from the lobby menu which is on the back pages of the drinks menu. Those are meant to be quick bites served in the lobby when the restaurant isn't open and the portions are generally smaller than from the main restaurant menu.
    I understand why most people would have gravitated to the "lobby menu" because 1415 is by no means a cheap restaurant so those options would definitely have stood out as 'affordable' especially since as commenter pointed out that everyone paid for their food.

    1. We didn't order from the lobby menu. Some people wanted Sandwiches from that menu but the waiter said we would have to sit at the bar as the restaurant and bar/lounge are served by different kitchens. We ordered mains, not quick bites.

  5. Lovely pics... see fine nappy babes. Seems like overall it was a 5/10??? Really small portions from the pics. Happy birthday in arrears to Stacey

    1. Thank you :)
      Yes it was, will pass on the message!

  6. Lovely Pictures you've got there!

  7. The pictures are amazing!

  8. The photographs are amazing. Nice one.