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Restaurant Review: Hard Rock Cafe Lagos

Hey Guys, 

Hope you're enjoying the long weekend :)

Mine hasn't been as restful as I would have liked. I've got a gig on Sunday, more details here. I'm also going to be on the Breakfast show on TVC on Monday, please tune in.

So, I finally went to Hard Rock on the Saturday of Wed Expo which I spoke about here.

I had checked out their menu once before but nothing really got me excited, they haven't got loads of seafood.
My friend was around from Abuja and she wanted to try their food plus we wanted to watch the African Basketball league game which was happening at Landmark.
The decor and ambiance at Hard Rock is really nice, it's spacious, very dark at night, it has rock music vibes and cool music related props on the wall.
 My friend Jemma, got the Berrilicious and it looked really nice. It cost N2,000.
 It reminded me of the Strawberry Daiquiri from Insignia but it didn't taste as nice.
 It was a mix of different berries but there is one berry in the mix that I didn't particularly like. It cost N2,000.
My friend, Kenny got the Mango Berry Cooler and it N1,800.
 I almost got it but changed my mind because I didn't want us to have 2 of the same drinks on one table.
 I'm so glad I didn't get it, I don't think that combination really works.
 I got the Strawberry Basil Lemonade and it was absolutely DELICIOUS! Remember that time I asked for a Pink Lemonade at Casper & Gambini's and they screwed it up, these people nailed it hands down!  It cost N2,000.

 Kenny got the Haystack Salad which cost N4,000.
 I'm not a Salad fan but he enjoyed it.
 It was really rich, with pecans, tomatoes, nacho strips and loads of other good stuff as you can see in the pictures.

 Jemma got the Onion rings as a starter.
 It cost N2,200 and they were huge.
 The Barbecue sauce it came with was delicious!
 She also got the Legendary Burger and it came in a Brioche bun.
 It didn't look as juicy as the one in the menu.
 Reminded me a bit of the experiment carried out in this video and this one too. It was Four thousand and something Naira, not entirely sure. Look at the picture of the one in their menu here.
 I got the Hickory Smoked Pulled Chicken and it cost N3,900. It was in the Sandwich section but came in a Burger bun.
 It didn't taste good and I wished I had just gotten Chips and my drink.
 My friends who had been there before said the only thing nice was their Mac n Cheese and drinks. One of them said the Shrimp fajita was tasteless which is why I didn't bother getting that. I didn't get the Mac n Cheese because I don't like Cheesy Pastas.
 I didn't have a great experience at Hard Rock.
To make matters worse, when we first got there, we were told an empty table was reserved even though there was no reserved sign on it. The manager had to come and tell the waiter to let us sit. She became much friendlier as the night progressed but I didn't understand why she had to be so rude at the beginning. The first time I came to Hard Rock when they had just opened, the waiter was super friendly, smiley and eager to serve, the management might need to work on Staff Morale.

I went to hard rock a couple of days after this experience for the Samsung S7 launch and I had a really good time there. The mini burger I had tasted good and so did the chicken tenders.

I'm glad we have a hard rock because you can get cool souvenirs with Hard Rock Cafe Lagos on it. The stage and wall decor are really nice, however I wouldn't willingly go there to eat again.

Have you been to Hard Rock in Lagos or any other country?
What was your experience there like?


  1. Just left this hard rock place
    The ambience is a 100! Want for a friend's dinner and I honestly didn't dig anything I ate but I had a drink that was really nice though I didn't get the name.
    The staff were really nice and accommodating though.

    1. Yeah, the ambience is really nice, especially when there is a concert. Banky W turned the place up at the Samsung s7 launch and It was soooo much Fun!!

  2. It's just 4 buildings away from my office, and my friend has been bugging me to go there. At least, now I know what to expect.
    I like the pictures of the rockstar and instruments on the wall though.
    Nice one!!!

    1. Looool, you really should go there na!
      Thank you!
      The gift store is really cool too, reminds me of the stores at Amusement Parks in America.

  3. The decor looks really good but your experience with the food has killed my ginger.
    Note to self: Go when you're not hungry and have Tuke's drink.

    1. Loool, or if you're a fan of mac n cheese, try that when you go there and their chicken tenders too!

  4. "It didn't look as juicy ass the one in the menu" LOL
    I had a quick bite at Hard Rocks during Social Media Week and honestly, I wasn't impressed. It didn't live up to it's hype for me.

    1. Loool, it's true na, the mini burger I had at the Samsung launch looked wayyy better and it tasted good too!

  5. Definitely will get your drink. Thanks for a great post. Unbelievable that we have a Hard Rock cafe in Lagos! We went to the one in London in 2014 and had to queue for like an hour to get in - it was over the weekend, but was so worth it from the ambience, decor, curios and great food and of course the staff were awesomely professional. Hope Lagos HRC gets its act consistently together so that maybe they'll have one hour queues to get in. That would be something!

  6. Awww, you're welcome :)
    Wooow, 1 hour, that one no be beans!
    The only restaurant I've had to queue for in Lagos is Yellow Chilli in Ikeja!
    I hope they add a couple more items to their menu or create a weekly special

  7. lol....nothing looks like the one in the menu na Pele. I can feel how underwhelmed you were just by reading. Btw that's one pricey salad

    1. Loool, some things do o!
      Yeah, the prices at Hard Rock are a bit more expensive than other restaurants in Lagos.

  8. I didnt have a bad experience with the food there, the chicken tenders could have been better, they were big but not very tasty. i found one of the staff quite rude, or should i say 'entitled'? The ambience is nice, decor is nice, drinks are okay. best thing i ate there were the wings but then again i like wings anywhere lol, a bit like you and seafood :;

    1. Looool @ entitled
      Awwww, I don't like wings that are too tough and I'm not a huge fan of wings in stew. I really like the wings from Spice bowl though, you should try them if you haven't alreaady!

  9. I like their wings, drinks, fish and chips (well, more of the fish than the chips) and their red hot chilli fries. Tried the mac n cheese but didn't like it, the onion rings were alright but I found I got tired after eating 2 'cause they were quite oily.

    1. The fish!!!!!!!!! It was really good, wasn't it?! I had it my one time there and I still dream about it - so soft and flaky inside and crunchy on the outside!

      Berry Dakara Blog

    2. Interesting, at Fish and Red Hot chilli fries, if I ever find myself there for a dinner, party or meeting, I shall try those out!

  10. Been here before and I went with friends. The food ain't cheap but I loved the drinks we got. Will def go back when I have the money lool