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Weekend Gist: Owambe Mart, Cactus Ice Cream & AMVCA's

Hey Guys, 

How are you? How was your weekend? What did you get up to?

Mine was Super Fun and Super Busy. 
I went for the AMVCA's on Saturday and I put a picture up on Insta, check it out here. I did loads of cool stuff earlier in the day whcih you'll find out about soon :)

I went to HICC in Lekki on Sunday and then stopped by at Owambe Mart for some chow!
I bumped into my Aunty, who owns Joel lani, how cute are her children!!!!

It was my first time there but my friend goes there a lot on Sundays for their N10 puff puff.
Everything happens in a Yellow Canopy and you can see the food being prepared Fresh.
My Aunty got some hot Amala
It was made on a stove, the traditional way.

Authentic Nigerian Food, Oshey!
It came with Gbegiri, Stew and Ewedu.
Have any of you been to Owambe Mart?
Do any of you go there often?
I found it interesting that they sold food items
Drinks, Live Chicken, Garri and Chin Chin were sold there which I didn't expect.
I think it's a really creative concept :)
There is a Car wash next to them too.

The Small Chops are made fresh and they are so delicious
Puff Puff costs N10, Spring Rolls cost N50 and so does the Samosa.
The Spring rolls were nicer than the Samosa and 4 pepole were satisfied with N1,000 worth of Small Chops.
We stopped by at Cactus on the way home.
Each scoop is N400 and the Waffle Cone is Delish!
I got the Blue Vanilla flavour which is just Vanilla ice cream with blue colouring. 
I've had Ice-Cream on Sunday, two weekends in a row, click here for the last post. 
Do you have a Sunday tradition?

The Blogversary Giveaway Post is next, Woohooo!

P.S. If you want food delivered from Owambe Mart, get in touch with Circus Prime Limited, they will sort you out :)


  1. That amala combination is the life mehn but in an ac environment because the heat nowadays isn't friendly. Great post as always.


    1. Loool, it isn't friendly atall o! Thank you :)

  2. *salivating* Everything happens in Lagos.

  3. All I want this weekend is that bowl of 'abula'.....

  4. You have a lovely blog Tuke! I could give an arm right now for those small chops.

    Precious Core Blog

  5. Small chops this close to home at this price? *electric slide*
    Thanks for the tip Tuke. I'll be showing up there. Ready.
    Naija girl next door

  6. That Amala looks LIVEEEE ! Craving !


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  8. I love how you do your make up.

    Check out my blog and learn how to D.I.Y your own high waisted fringe skirt.

    Thank and stay fabulous!

  9. My God! all that food. I want.... Now I miss Nigeria. Beautiful pictures.

    Tega Enai
    Have a great weekend

  10. Wow! Thanks Tuke. Had never heard of this place before. You are the new Open Sesame to all the best secrets in Lagos. I have a friend coming in from the UK on Tuesday after 5 years of being out of Nigeria and for the 6 days she's going to be in town she wants all Nigerian food. I'm sure she'll love this. I hope they don't open on Sundays only!

    1. You're welcome :)
      Yayyyy, I like that title ;)
      Niiiiice, they open on Sundays only but you can call the number on the food pack in case you can make a special order.
      Ghana high in Onikan is another joint that people love and white house in Yaba.
      Then there's Yellow Chilli, L'afric and Lydia's place in VI!

  11. Hello Tuke. Thanks for your review. Owanbe mart opens Monday- Sunday; market days are Friday -Sunday; Small chops is only on Sundays, amala is from Thursday- Sunday. Jollof rice and others are everyday.

    1. You're welcome :)
      Thanks for the information.