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Protective Style: Long Thin Braids

Hey Guys,

I've been a bit silent on the Blog/Social Media because I lost a close family member on the 9th.

Shout out to my friend's and cousin's who made me feel better and just helped me think about the situation differently. How do you deal with death, loss and grief?

So, I did these braids last year when I was going to Johannesburg, read all about experience exploring #JoziWithGoogle here.
The braids were done by 3 ladies who I discovered through my friend, Detola, wrote about her here.
I used a mixture of colour's 35, 33 and 1 Xpressions Extensions.
It took about 3 and a half hours to get the braids done.
I recorded a little boomerang while they were making my hair, check that out here.
I had the braids in for 6 and a half weeks, the longest I have carried a protective style for in a while. I redid the front after about 4 weeks so my front hair wouldn't cut too much.
Remember that time I tried Brazilian Wool and took it out after 1 week. I ended up doing braids like this for that trip to London & Edinburgh but they weren't as long as this or as thin. Check those braids out here.
The hair posts I put up last year were really popular and I've been discovering new ways to rock my her given hair so watch out for that update post coming soon.
What is your favourite protective style?
How do you like your Braids? Thick, thin, long or short? Are you more of a twists person?
Check out my first and second attempt at Box Braids here and here.
Let me know which one is your favourite. I really loved how these ones weren't so heavy and they swung in a nice way when I danced, check out that video here.
If you like my Simple Natural Make up look in these pictures, check out my tutorial on it here.


  1. I just learnt of the death of my dear friend and I don't know how to deal with it. I don't cry anymore but my heart is...

    1. Sorry of your loss Nzubechukwu, Crying always helps and talking about your feelings to someone you trust. Also remembering that God knows best and there is a purpose to everything that happens, no matter how confusing it may be.

  2. Accept my condolences,Tuke!Thank you for hooking me up, loved those braids and got lots of compliments. I actually think it's the best I've ever done. I especially loved that my natural hair was intact till I was ready to take the braids down.

    Of course, I intend to do them again soon! Thanks again.

    1. Thank you Owgee.
      Awwww, you're welcome.
      I'm glad you like them, whoop!

  3. Tuke really sorry to hear about your loss! I pray that God really holds and comforts you as you deal with this loss day by day ❤

    I love the bun. That will always be my favourite braid style lol xx

  4. Sorry about your loss Tuke, I pray you receive comfort.
    I love your hair, the mix of the shades of brown is lovely. I love box braids especially when they're long and not too thin. Just like yours. xx

    1. Thank you Demilade :)
      Amen, I'm feeling so much better now.

  5. Sorry about your loss. I like your hair and your smile

  6. sorry about your loss dear!!.
    I usually just cry it all out.
    Nice hair btw..

    1. Thanks Babe, crying definitely helped.

  7. My condolences to you. Your braids are lovely.

    Inez | My Small World

  8. Hi Tuke,

    So sorry for your loss! It's difficult, but it does get easier.

    May they Rest in Peace.

    Ummi's Blog

    1. Thank you Ummi.
      You're right about that, Time definitely heals all wounds even though scars may remain.

  9. So sorry about your loss, I can't imagine how difficult it is. It is well. I love your hair btw and your smile is gorgeous

    1. Thank you Tobi, I appreciate your kind words.