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My Red Off Shoulder Dress

Hey Guys,

Happy Sunday!

Hope you had a Great Weekend.

Mine was quite busy, was the main band at a wedding yesterday and the old boy's meeting which I wrote about here is happening today.
I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I can finally rest.
My aunty gave me a spa voucher for Christmas and I'm going to use it this week to get a massage, really looking forward to it.
So, I wore this dress on Christmas Day and got so many lovely comments on it.
It was a gift from my friend Ewi, who runs a fashion label called Maxine Arthur's.
Cassie rocked a dress from her when in Abuja, check out her post on it here.
Her store is so pretty and organised, customer service is on point and the prices are really reasonable.
I accessorised with the earrings I got in my Nuella Michaels Glam Bag, a choker I got at Silverbird in Abuja for 1k and these lovely Black Mini Heels I got from H n M in Jozi.
I've been investing in Heels that aren't too high since July, I now have 4 and still want more.
If you know anywhere in Lagos I can get these sort of heels, please let me know.
My mum was shocked that this dress was made by a Nigerian as the quality is of international standard.
The fabric feels like something from Marks & Spencers or BHS.
Maxine Arthur's offers Bespoke tailoring services in addition to the ready to wear label.
They also sell accessories, fabrics and specialise in bridal clothing too so if you're in Abuja make sure you stop by her shop at No 1, Kaduna River Close, Maitama, Abuja.
Tell Ewi you're a reader of Tuke's Quest and you might just get something special.
Have a Great Week ahead!
P.S. These pictures were taken by my friend, Adeoye, after church, shout out to him for being super patient while people were walking past.
 I rocked this dress in a semi-formal manner but it can be dressed up with the right set of heels.
I think block coloured dresses are more versatile than dresses with prints because they can be styled in so many ways and look different each time.
 You can get in touch with Maxine Arthur's by calling 07063030122 or sending a BBM to 7AA2ADE3.
 Let me know when you visit the store and what you think of it.
 Also let me know what you think of the off shoulder trend and return of choker's.
 Shout out to my mum for gifting my sister and I this classy bag from YSL.
 I rocked it in this post and it always adds a touch of sophistication to outfits I rock.
KacheeTee asked me a question about Designer Bags and Shoes in an interview which you can read here.
Which would you rather invest in? Designer Shoes or Bags?


  1. Great pics. The styling is on point . And I love your hair.
    As per designer stuff, if you can afford it, why not? Even if it's just One or two.

    Gideon: From Coward to Mighty Warrior

    Yay! I witnessed a surprise marriage proposal for the first time

  2. Gorgeous Tuke. Red complements your skintone and the dress hugs your body perfectly.

    1. Thanks Hun!
      I think Warm Vibrant colours like Red, Yellow, Orange complement my skin tone very nicely. In the #2016BestNine collage that was created based on what happened during the year, I was wearing Red/Orange in 4 out of 9 pictures :)

  3. I actually couldn't believe it myself. That dress doesn't look like it was made in Nigeria! You've styled it well. x

    / O.R.R. - Life & Style Journal

    1. Thanks Oroma, Major shout to the designer for creating pieces of such high standard.

  4. Very cute dress, I see your rocking the off shoulder and choker trends which will probably be around for a long time. The dress colour is lovely on you and yes I agree, block coloured dresses are more versatile than printeds one. Love how you styled your hair too.
    Princess Audu

    1. Thanks Sarah :)
      I usually just rock a puff or my hair out in afro but decided to bring back one of the styles I used to rock in my earlier Natural Hair day's, I think it gives my face a bit more character/personality.