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Restaurant Review: Ocean Basket Restaurant Lagos

Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the love shown in my last post, I really appreciate it. Shout out to all the people who messaged me privately to find out how I was doing, y'all are the real MVP's.

If you've been a reader of this blog since January 2016, you would know that my family & I typically go to Pearl Garden for New Year's Day Lunch.
This year, however, we decided to try somewhere different. We formed a whatsapp group and quite a number of people said they wanted seafood. However, my sister and cousin aren't fans of seafood, my sister is actually allergic to shellfish.
We finally decided on a restaurant that serves good surf and turf but when we called to reserve a table, they said they were going to be closed on New Year's Day. Three of the restaurants on our list were closed on New Year's day.
It is understandable because the staff need to spend time with their family, however, they miss out on a lot of business on public holiday's.
We drove around for a bit after church on Sunday and finally settled on Ocean Basket.
I've been there twice before, once with my family and another time with my cousin. It has a nice seaside vibes, like you're by a pier in  Brighton.
My cousin got the prawn skewer as her starter and it was pretty underwhelming, it didn't look like what we expected.
My mum and aunt got salad's which they really liked, Fresh veggies for the win.
I shared the scampi starter with my mum and it was delicious.
My cousin got Calamari and it was quite a generous portion.
I love the stainless steel bowls our starters came in.
My aunt & uncle had the pepper soup and were pleasantly surprised that a foreign chain did it justice.
My sister got the garlic bread which came with goat's cheese on it.
They had some interesting Non Alcoholic cocktails like Strawberry Daiquiri's on their menu too.
Our main's took soooooo long to come as they weren't able to adequately cater to our table of 16 people.
Thank God the food tasted delicious sha, my Seafood pasta was LIT!!!
My sister, mum and cousin got the Salmon.
It is stored separately from the shellfish so didn't trigger off an allergic reaction.
They didn't have lobster in stock and when I asked at their Festac branch they didn't have it either. Where have you had good lobster in Lagos?
My dad and uncle got the Fish & Prawns in Oyster sauce.
It was a pretty sizeable portion and was somewhat similar to sauces at chinese restaurants.
They always give complimentary bread rolls at Ocean Basket, however, our's came about 20 minutes after our starters and they only gave us 16 rolls, one for each person.
This Peppered Grilled Fish was brought accidentally but I'm glad I managed to get a picture of it.
My cousin got a combo dish with Prince Prawns & Fish.
There was a lemon butter sauce on the fish which comes with many of their dishes.
They have platters too which are good for families that want to share one large dish.
My mum got the toffee pudding for dessert and it was scrumptious.
They need to get better ice cream though as we weren't satisfied with the quality of this.
It wasn't the freshest, like ice cream that had been defrosted and refrozen. We ended up going to Chocolat Royale afterwards.
My cousin got the New York Special and they were doing a special so it was Buy One Get One Free.
Even though the service time wasn't great, our mains were delicious so I will definitely go back again but not with so many people. The prices are pretty affordable too.

Have you been to Ocena Basket before? What did you think of it?



  1. Looks yummy, you should add the price to it too.

    1. I didn't see the receipt at the end because my uncle paid but next time I drive by it, I'll go inside and take a picture of the menu so I can include the prices.
      The only price I remember is the seafood pasta N3,500, the starters were in the 1k to 1500 range and so were the drinks and desserts

  2. Ocean's Basket!!!!!!!!!!! I need to find a replacement here that I don't have to pay too much money for.

    Always enjoyed Ocean's Basket whenever I went.

    1. Lool, I'm sure you can find one in Atlanta, I feel like there is an abundance of restaurants in America.
      Have you been to Red Lobster?
      I haven't been to Yankee since 2013, I miss the large portions and variety of food, praying for an opportunity to visit this year.

  3. Tuke!

    It's nearly one am and I'm here drooling over this fresh seafood!

    I wish there was something similar in Abuja.

    I'd love to visit one day!

    Ummi's Blog

    1. Looool, sorry!
      The only restaurants I've been to in Abuja are Salamander, Nkoyo, Tulip Bistro & Grills in and out. They were all pretty good with yummy food.
      I had peppered cat fish at one garden joint and it was finger licking good, choi, they served nkwobi and other local dishes.
      There are pictures of Salamander in this post:
      Pictures of Grills in & out in this post:
      Pictures of the Peppered Fish joint here:

  4. I will definitely be interested in checking this place out when i am in Lagos. Your pictures did justice to these dishes.

    1. Let me know what your experience is like when you visit!
      Thank you :)

  5. Your picturessssssssssss are awesome! Really reading this and thinking of how I would love to have so many nice family traditions when I finally have my own family. I I think it is really nice that you guys get to do this.

    Cassie Daves Blog
    Skin Care || The Albimazing Beauty Box.

    1. Thank you Cassie :) :D *dancing*
      Yeah, it is a very nice tradition, quality family time is always good!!

  6. A table of 16! Now that's what I call a family outing.
    It's great to celebrate the new year with family and friends and share great food with your loved ones.
    I've never been to Ocean Basket but thanks for the review and great pictures. I'd love to check it out.

    1. Lool, Yes o! My dad's siblings and their family. 6 family members were missing sef as they are based in England and Canada.
      It really is and I do not take the special time for granted.
      Let me know what you think of it when you get a chance to visit btw!