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A Mini Blog Break

Hey Guys

Happy New Month!

I can't believe my last post was over 2 weeks ago, choi, that's life though, this is my second longest Blog Break, I wrote about the first one here.

I kept you guys a bit updated via Instagram & Insta Stories so if you aren't following me on there make sure you do so here.
Feyikemi Adesanya and Detuke Morgan singing at Mrs Durands Funeral

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I lost my Grand Aunt who was also my primary school principal and my boss during my NYSC year. Last week was really tough and sad as we held the Service of Songs, Wake keeping and Funeral Service.

Even though it's really sad that she died earlier than expected, we are comforted in the fact that she knew christ and impacted thousands of lives in her time here on earth.

It's a reminder that it's not about the quantity of your year's on earth but the quality. Also, don't hold on to grudges, forgive those who have offended you and let your heart be at peace. Our time here on earth is temporary, don't let one insignificant grudge prevent you from entering heaven.
Greenwood Alumni honouring Mrs Durand
I'm honoured that I was asked to play a special song during the funeral service, I also sang the school anthem with other alumni which was really nice.
Greenwood Alumni Singing School Song at Mrs Durands Funeral
I attended GLA's Ignite The Manifestation this weekend and I'm really glad I did. I learnt a lot from Nathaniel Bassey, Cornelius Lindsey & Heather Lindsey.

I was pretty amazed at the number of fans they have here in Lagos, have you read any of their books? Which one and where did you get it from?

If you were unable to attend the event, check the hashtags #TheManifestation2017 #TheLindseysRevivalTour and @IgniteGLA on Social Media
I got there at about 5pm on Saturday as I was at a meeting for Live Your Dreams 5.0, it's on May 20th so make sure you save the date!!

I attended the She Leads Africa Slay Festival 2 weekends ago but only took pictures of the Rice at the Maggi Magic Jollof Rice Bar. Check out Ekene's hairspiration post on it here and Barbara's recap of it here.
Maggi Jollof Rice Bar at She Leads Africa Slay Festival
I met sooooo many wonderful readers and followers who were really excited to meet me and it made me really happy meeting people who love and appreciate the content I create. Some of them love my restaurant reviews, some of them love my smile and one girl actually knew it was me from my hair, my signature afro puff :D

Kinky Apothecary styled people's hair in up do's and it really inspired me to be more creative with my Hair Styles as I either rock a puff, afro, 2 flat cornrows or a fro hawk.

I recently learnt how to style my Her Given Hair in a different way thanks to Ellena so watch out for the post on a sleek low natural hair puff.
Party Jollof Rice, Suya Jollof Rice and Coconut Jollof Rice
The Maggi Magic Jollof Rice Bar didn't blow my mind the way I expected.
The Suya Jollof Rice was the best though, the Banga Jollof Rice was my second favourite. It reminded me of the coconut rice at Ginger Tapas & Grill. I didn't try the Asun Jollof Rice because I'm not a fan of Asun. The party jollof rice didn't taste as good as party jollof rice and the coconut jollof rice didn't hit the spot at all.

Nevertheless, Maggi did a Great Job, the branding was on point, so was the Social Media lead up. Hopefully there will be more food vendors & more sitting areas at the next Slay Festival.
Nigerian Railway Corporation Track in Ebute Metta
I used an Uber there because I hadn't been to the Nigerian Railway Corporation before and the crowd I saw on Instagram put me off driving, people were complaining about area boy's disturbing them when they were trying to park.
Railway Track and Abandoned Train in Ebute Metta Lagos
I also watched Itan the Story at the National Theatre that weekend and really enjoyed it. It only cost N1,000 and was my first time watching a play there. The set was Amazing.

Shout out to Social Prefect for posting about it and congratulations to her and Tosin Alabi on their recent engagement :)

My Blog turns 3 on wednesday and I'm really grateful to God for the growth and lessons I've learnt on this journey.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to? How are you doing with your goals/resolutions?

P.S. This is the first year that I'm not at School or working a 9-5 so my time is mine and the possibilities are endless. Praying that all my goals from 2014, 2015 & 2016 are achieved.


  1. I was wondering where you've been, but judging from IG stories - really busy! The Lindsey's have fans in Nigeria oh. I've read her book on Purpose and it was good! Have a great February Tuks!


    1. Yes o, the past few weeks have been quite busy.
      Asin, sooooo many fans, people came from out of Lagos.
      I need to read one of her books asap.
      Thanks Kachee, I hope you have a Great February too!

  2. I also attended Manifestation, it was absolutely amazing and worth it in every way. I've read purpose room by Heather and my aunt got it for me. Well done Tuke. May God continue to strengthen you.

    1. It really was, I'm so glad I went.
      Thank you, Amen!

  3. I was also wondering, like what happin ,I kept checking the blog.
    I didn't attend SLA, and I haven't read any of the Lindsey book say, but I would.
    Have a great Feb.
    And may all your 2014,15,16 & 2017 goal come to manifestation, without delay.

    1. Eyah, Thanks for your concern.
      Let me know what you think of her books when you read them.
      Have a Great February too!
      Amen o, Thanks Hun!

  4. Hello Tuke, I Missed the Programme because I'm in school and started exams today (6th Feb). I plan on getting her books from Okadabooks though in soft copies. #wishiwasaroundtogetahardones. God bless you and strengthen you on every side. IJN Amen

    1. Awww, I pray your exams go well and that you smash them, don't allow the stress of exam period get to you.
      Someone else told me they are on Okadabooks so I will download the app and buy some of them.
      Amen, Thanks Hun :)

  5. Didn't even know that the Lindsey's were coming to Nigeria. Smh
    Found out late. Love this post! Its just easyto and interesting I'm a way that reminds me that not every post has to be "4 ways to" or "a tip post" lol


    1. Choi, and the poster promoting the manifestation was everywhere o, they really publicised it well on social media and blogs, pele.
      Awwww, Thank you :) :D

  6. Congrats on your blog anniversary and I wish you the very best with all the goals you have planned out. Have a beautiful month ahead!


  7. I like the way you styled your hair. I was wondering where why I've not been seeing new posts, and I thought you must have been really busy.
    Yes you are right, it's really about the quality of live she's lived and I'm certain she lived to fulfill purpose.
    I should get one of her books too, I've heard a lot about them. Happy February!


    1. Thank you Atinuke, there will be a blogpost showing how I achieved this hairstyle very soon. Yeah, I was quite busy with all the preparation plus Sax work.
      Indeed she did :)
      Let me know what you think of her book when you get it!
      Happy February to you too!!!