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Restaurant Review: Samantha's Bistro

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a Great Week, Mine was okay, praying for more exciting testimony filled weeks this year.

I went out with one of my cousin's for lunch on Tuesday at Samantha's Bistro in Ikoyi.

There aren't many restaurants in Ikoyi, there is Casa Lydia, Orela, hotels like The George, Southern Sun, Moor House Sofitel, Protea, Fast food joints, Winehouse and a few new spots like Freshly Ground.
Samantha's Bistro is on Olawale Dawodu street, Off Kingsway Road. Nuli & Liquid Hub are in the same compound, Nuts about Cakes used to be there too until this incident.
My cousin got Pancakes, Eggs & Bacon which cost N2,500.
She liked the Pancakes and Bacon but wondered why they put pepper in the Eggs.
I got the Grilled Tilapia Fish which cost N4,800.
I was also interested in the Seafood Pasta which cost N4,500 but it didn't have Prawns, just shrimp, Fish & Calamari so I passed on it.
The fish was a nice size but it lacked flavour and the Chilli sauce it came with was nothing to write home about.
I had the Amma Jamma Sauce at Chicken Republic yesterday and wish my Grilled Fish came with that instead.
Luckily, the fish came with 2 sides so the Fried Rice & Sweet Potato Fries made up for the Lacklustre fish.
My cousin got the Vanilla Milkshake but she didn't like it. She got the Apple cooler as her second drink and loved it.
Samantha's is owned by Chef Dumebi who owns Due by Chef Dish and organises a food festival too.
I've heard that their burgers are Delish so maybe you should try that if you ever visit there.

There were loads of expats there at 1:30 on a Tuesday which is good. Do you think restaurants in Nigeria that don't cater for events make a lot of money?

Also, where is your favourite place to have Grilled Peppered Fish in Lagos? My favourite is Ginger Tapas & Grills and at weddings :)


  1. I am not very much a foodie, if I will be hoping from restaurant to restaurant in this Lagos. I think I will visit here just for the pancake and fish. Great picture.

  2. It's very strange that I've known Dumebi forever but I've never been to Samanthas. This needs to change, the pancakes look yummy :)

    1. Awwww, it definitely needs to change, go visit Samantha's or Due by Chef Dish!