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Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!

Hope you had a Great Weekend! I sure did :) 

I played at a Beautiful Wedding on Saturday and went swimming with 2 of my favourite people on Sunday. We had Suya, Chapman, Candy Floss & Popcorn at Ikoyi club and it was so fun and inexpensive.
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Valentine's day is round the corner and I thought to share ideas on how you can spend the day.

For people in relationships

1) A Delicious Home cooked meal like the Bolognese I made on my Blogversary followed by a Nice romantic movie. Check Sisi Yemmie, 1q Food Platter, Afrolems and Woven Blends for recipe's.

2) A fun Inexpensive Activity like Swimming or Salsa and then good food and quality time after.

3) A Candle lit Dinner at a Fancy restaurant e.g. Talindo's Steak House, Shiro or 1415 with Beautiful Music & Roses.

4) A Romantic Getaway to a seaside resort like La Campaigne Tropicana, Inagbe or Whispering Palms for people in Lagos. Check out the different tour groups I mentioned here to see what Valentine tour they have planned.

5) An adventurous adrenaline packed day spent at a theme park (Hi-Impact), tourist destination (Lekki Conservation Centre or Erin Ijesha Waterfalls), Kayaking, Scuba Diving, Bungee Jumping or whatever is available in your area.

6) A new creative engaging experience you would both enjoy like a Korean BBQ at Grills in and out or a Parisian style brunch at La Brioche or making chocolate and having a photo shoot afterwards like I did here.

7) Hire a private chef  like Chef Fregz, Imoteda or Kitchen Butterfly if your pocket is deep. I haven't really tried any of their food so can't say who is my favourite.

8) Attend a Concert or Valentine Themed event, check here to see what is happening in Lagos this week.

For people enjoying the Single Life

1) Hang out with friends at a fun get together/games night, you can even organise one if your house is conducive.

2) Organise a dinner where you and your friend's all cook different things then gist, chill and watch a movie.

3) Pamper/treat yourself to a relaxing indulgent spa day. Get a nice massage & read a good book while getting your nails done.

4) Shop online and indulge yourself by getting something you really want on your wish list. Get something you can afford o!

5) Attend a church organised singles function/speed dating event ;)

6) Take the day off work and give back to those in need, an orphanage, an old people's home, a slum,  a prison or volunteer and help out a charity that you identify with bringing joy and showing love to someone who needs it.

7) Binge watch your favourite TV shows with some of your best friends while eating Ice Cream & Junk Food.

8) Spend quality time with family who love you so you don't feel lonely.

How do you guy's plan to spend Valentine's Day this year? Did you find this post useful? How did you spend your most memorable Valentine's Day?

Check out Brownie's post here,  Grace's post here, Eat Drink Lagos's post here and Ndani's post here for more ideas.

Don't forget to enjoy your day regardless of your relationship status!

Happy Valentine's Day in Advance!!!


  1. I just feel like it's a Tuesday and people won't get up to much. Or maybe I'm just getting old.

    1. Lool, you never know o! Many restaurants are already filled to capacity for dinner, asin people have made reservations and paid.
      In Uni, we used to cook in someone's house and have a swell time.
      Last 2 year's was on a weekend, even if it's just to order takeout and watch a nice movie, it's still something.

  2. I like the binge tv show with junk foood as well as the giving back to the community. S for me, I'd be at work most of the day with bottles of ribenna to Val up.

  3. So do I :)
    Eyah, I love Ribena too, it's one of the best drinks ever!
    It can be enjoyed Warm in a mug when you have a cold/sore throat.
    It can be cold and sweet when you need something refreshing.
    It can be enjoyed in a slushy ice form when Nepa is acting up or after some exercise.
    I love Ribena, would love to work with them one day!!!

  4. Happy Valentine day! love the post!

  5. I like the idea of cooking and eating in either with friends, family or for those people with baea and boos. I am actually going to be attending a church program, the title sounds interesting so it shoud be fun. Love your dres btw, and happy Valentines day.

    Princess Audu

    1. It is a really nice and affordable way to bond and spend quality time with your loved ones. Awww, nice, hope you had Fun!
      Thank you :D
      Happy Belated Valentine's Day!!!