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Is Black Truly Slimming?

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!

Hope you had a Great Weekend :)

Mine was fun and fulfilling, shared a lot of what I got up to on Insta Stories & in my Newsletter.
Fit Black Blogger rocking Black Riding Pants and Roshe Runs
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So I've posted a couple of all Black Looks on the Blog before: the LBD, a Stunning Black Evening Dress that I got at a ridiculous price and an off shoulder top and riding pants combo when I rocked Brazilian Wool twists. This look is the most chilled all black look of them all as my top and shoes are super casual.
All Black Sporty Outfit on Fit Black Blogger
I posted this picture on Instagram last year during Lagos Fashion and Design Week and it got so much love. It was my most popular picture as seen in my 2016 review post.
Athleisure Trend on Black Fashion Blogger
It might look like I work out but I really don't, I used to play Lawn Tennis & Table Tennis regularly  but I don't anymore, might go back to playing Lawn Tennis though because I really love playing. P.S. I won a cup and medals for Table Tennis & Lawn Tennis in my Secondary School and A level days.
Natural Makeup on Stunning Black Fashion Blogger
These pictures were taken in London last summer by Dola Posh. I wanted to take pictures and build a model portfolio because I felt that my smiling face should be on the billboards of various brands I love.
Afro Puff on 4C Hair
Most agencies asked for head shots and full length pictures in all black outfits hence why I wore this.

The Black Pants are from American Apparel, they have been featured on the blog here, here & here.
The top is from New Look and my shoes are Nike Roshe Runs, I had to invest in them because it wasn't comfortable walking round London last Summer in flats, converses or slippers.

What do you think of this look?

What are your most comfortable shoes to walk around in?

Do you think Black is truly slimming?


  1. Tuks Tuks! Shape and all.
    I think black is truly slimming & you look great!

  2. I love love this outfit. Simple and chic. You look so great!
    Personally, I don't think black is slimming but hey, what do I know?

  3. I love it! You look really good. All dark colors can create the illusion of a slimmer frame if worn well; black is just the easiest.

  4. Those endorsement brands better see this oo. Those smiles need to be on billboards. I agree that black is slimming.

  5. This your shape enh?! One day one day!

  6. Yes because for the first time we can finally see your hot body!
    hot hot Tuksy!!

  7. You are so stunning!
    Read a couple of times that black outfits are slimming, but I not sure if I believe this (on me). On people, however, I think it is! Also, flat shoes will forever be bae to me.

    Or√©oluwa’s blog

  8. Wow... Impressive, so you won medals at table tennis and tennis... One of this days we should play so I can show you how it's played.

    1. Lool, Yes I did.
      No wahala, let's see if you're all talk and no action :) :P

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