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Weekend Gist: Awed by Moni Masterclass, SMWLagos & IWD 2017

Hey Guys,

Happy Tuesday!

Hope you had a Wonderful Weekend :)

Mine was really Busy, like everyday from Wednesday was busy.
Top Nigerian Fashion Bloggers Monica Awed by Moni and Tuke Morgan
I went for a couple of International Women's Day Events on Wednesday, won a Taos Cosmetics Box in the raffle draw at NSE and ended the day by getting a massage at a spa in Lekki with my cousin and a friend.

I attended the TFD Conference on Thursday but wasn't able to fully maximise it for certain reasons. I'm not a fan of parking at Civic Centre, I was there every day from Thursday to Sunday for different purposes and had to park at Grand Square on one day and walk down, not fun!

My music business has evolved to a point where I can now provide musicians for events so I have opened a separate page for that, check it out here.

I also have a separate page for my Photography & I'm attending an Advanced Photography workshop for the next few weeks to improve this skill, check out the page here & follow if you're interested in seeing more of my photography work.

I plan to maximise the monetisation of my various skills & giftings so I am working to constantly improve those skills and learn from people more experienced in the industry.
When I go for events to learn, I don't feel the need to have my camera with me so I can concentrate and take down notes based on what the speaker is saying. 
Awed by Moni Blogger in Lagos Nigeria
However, I decided midway through the event to get out my camera and take a few pictures of the Masterclass.
Awed by Moni blogger Speaking in lagos
There is so much I want to achieve with my Blog and Brand this year. The class reminded me that achieving success is a process & you have to be Intentional, Consistent, Diligent, Hardworking and Innovative. You have to Think Long Term, Think Global, Keep on Improving your Skills & Investing in Self Development, Be super Organised, Be Authentic & Go Hard or Go Home.

Check out Ayodotun's mini recap of the event here.
Nigerian Bloggers & Creative Entrepreneurs in Lagos
 The winners of the Blogversary Giveaway were contacted yesterday. Many people didn't follow all the rules so didn't stand a chance of winning, learn to read instructions properly people!Nigerian Blogger at Social Media Week Lagos 2017
This year, I was able to attend Social Media Week on all days and it was really really good.
Social Media Week Lagos 2017 Photo Booth
I spend a lot of time behind the screen or playing at events so don't interact with my readers that often. Attending Events like Slay Festival and SMW allowed me reconnect with old friends, meet some readers for the first time & make new friends too.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to? What skills are you trying  to improve this year?



  1. Aww you hugged Moni!
    Her T-shirt is so cool :)
    The new photography page is looking lush! Well done!

    1. Thanks Hun, her T-shirt is really cool, love how they played around with the omo logo.

  2. Welldone dear. Self development is the way to go if one has to stay relevant. I am hoping to get a good camera soon but in the mean time I am taking some online(youtube) lessons on photography. Hopefully when I have the time I can get physical lessons. Congratulations on you musical expansion. All the best with branding this year.


  3. ooo!!! I see growth!!
    well done Tuke, its so cool that your talents are making you money.
    I wish I knew about the masterclass by Monica, I would have attended it :(


    1. Thank you :)
      Awww, and it was all over social media o!

  4. Your pictures from SMW are really nice. Monica's shirt is so cute. I am working to improve my blogging skills this year.Congratulations on your expansion. Really proud of you!
    Plus,thank you once more for the win in the blogversary giveaway!!!


    1. Thank you :)
      I hope you are able to improve them greatly.
      You're welcome!

  5. Very well done Tooks! I was looking for someone who went to the masterclass. Erm, what did you learn? There and at SMW. Not the abridged version :p

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thanks Berry, lool, let's talk on whatsapp, Sending a vn is easier or I'll take pictures of my notes :)

  6. I really wish I could attend all of these classes and events but I just started work and I haven't been able to fit anything into my schedule (life)
    I keep wondering how people can work all week and still make time to attend events over the weekend because I sleep all through.

    1. Mehn, it's not easy balancing the 9-5 life and social events and blogging.
      A lot of my posts last year were based on content I could create quickly or alongside another activity e.g. taking pictures of food when I go for a friend's Birthday.
      With time, you will find a way to make things work and will learn how to prioritise and kill many birds with one stone.

  7. All this events makes want to move back to Nigeria so bad. Well done Tuke! I love that you're maximising your potentials. There's nothing more satisfying than earning from doing what you love. I wish you all the best sweetie.

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    Taking Stock | March

  8. So that's how I did not win the giveaway😞😞😞😞,issokay, I'll pass.
    Well I think the skill I would definitely improve is my make up artistry, build my blog (by moving to a hosted plan first), and start my farm this year.