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Blogversary Giveaway

Hey Guys

Happy Monday :)

Hope you had a Great Weekend!

Mine was stress free and relaxing which made up for the busyness of last week which was social media week.
Blue Blogeversary Cake with Glitter
 So, as you know, my Blog turned 3 last month, check out the Blogversary post here. I also hit 500k views on the Blog and 10k followers on Instagram in January, Grateful for the progress even if it is slow and steady.
Blog Birthday Cake
The Blogversary giveaway last year was a hit and this year more people get to win something, whoohooo.
Blog Anniversary Cake Blue and Yellow
First up are 2 tickets to The Waterbrook's Brook Ladies Beauty & Fashion Day this Saturday.
You get to learn from a Beauty Blogger,  Fashion Designer, Stylist, Makeup Artiste, Medical Practitioner, Spoken Word Artist & enjoy good music from Talented Singers.
To win one of the 2 tickets available, simply repost the above flyer on Instagram with the Caption: I would like to attend the @BrookLadies Beauty and Fashion Day courtesy @TukeMorgan because....

Please include the Hashtags #Brookladies and #BLBeautyandFashionDay in your caption

5 people get to order anything from @WaffleHausNg and they also get a Free Belgian Waffle. 
Belgian Waffle with Strawberries
Their Waffles are Delicious!!!Belgian Waffle with Strawberries and Whipped Cream

3 People will win flower crowns from @Ami.Untaemed, all of you that were coveting my flower crown in this post and this post, now is your chance to get your's!

2 people will win hair products from Shanyi Organics.

Chinonso, who blogs here founded the Brand and has been a loyal reader of the Blog since she discovered it. It's great to see the growth of her hairline.

Choose between the Clarifying Scalp Oil which promotes healthy scalp, eradicates scalp infections and bald spots. It also stimulates blood circulation to the scalp region thus promoting growth of new healthy hair.
The Deep Cleaning Herbal Tea which cleanses the scalp and hair without stripping. It also stimulates blood circulation to the scalp thus promoting growth of healthy hair.

2 people will win a box of 6 25cl bottles of Fresh Juice from @DazzleFreshNigeria. It will be a Mixture of Fresh Fruit Juice & Green Juice.
To take part in the giveaway you have to follow the handles of all the brands on Instagram i.e.


You have to be subscribed to the Blog. If you aren't already, click here to subscribe.

You have to leave a comment on this post stating what you want to win, why you want to win it, your IG Handle and your e-mail address.

 Remember that you have to share the poster of the Brook Ladies event on Instagram if you want to win one of the 2 tickets.

The winners will have to share a post on Instagram thanking the brand, showing what they received and sharing their thoughts on the product or event.

Winners of the tickets will be contacted by Friday the 9th of March & winners of the other prizes will be contacted by Monday the 13th.

 May the best Man/Woman Win :)

P.S. Buchi Akpati is giving out 2 tickets to the Tfd Conference this Thursday to people who can't afford it, check out her post here to see how you can win one!

Make sure you follow all the rules for your entry to be valid!

Please don't enter if you live outside Lagos,  a Nationwide Giveaway will be coming up soon.


  1. I am here for the's been a long time I ate those. I really need it in my life right now :D

    Molara Brown

  2. Hello Tuke! I would love to win the cleansing juices from Dazzle Fresh because I love to eat clean and it is always exciting to discover new outlets and companies that promote a healthy lifestyle. My email is and Instagram is @nmauche. P.S. May I choose a runner up if the juice doesn't work out? It will be great my natural hair life with Shanyi Organics products :) Thank you!

  3. I'll love to win the scalp clarifying oil, I have really itchy scalp and it's embarrassing for me in public. Thank you, Thank you in adv #smiles..much love

  4. My IG handle is onyeiza_ and email :

  5. Adejoorin Ifeoluwakiisi7 March 2017 at 00:44

    Hi! I would really love to win the clarifying scalp oil. I have tried so many things e. g lime which was very peppery, but my scalp still itches like crazy. Plus I am a young naturalista! I even created an instagram account for this purpose. Please help me. Thanks a bunch.
    @adejoorinifeoluwakiisi and

  6. Hi Tuke. Congrats on your blogversary.
    I would love to win a flower crown because I am just obsessed with them but I haven't had great access to them . They make certain outfits go from 20 to 100. So yes, I love flower crowns and I would really like to win one!
    IG: @desireuba

  7. I want to win the box of fresh juice from Dazzle Fresh because I just started a healthy lifestyle this month and I really want to stick with it. Coincidentally, its also MasterCard's Wellness Month I guess I picked the right month to start.

    Email: mosimi20(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)com
    Instagram: @eattechtravel

    EatTechTravel || Camping & Hiking at Omo Forest Reserve

  8. I will love to win an order from Wafflehaus. I have eaten their ogbonno and semovita, and it was delicious! I will like an opportunity to try out another sumptuous dish from their menu, together with their belgian waffle that you have hinted is delicious. My IG handle is @debsbabs and my email address is Congratulations on your blog turning 3. Wishing you more pleasant and fruitful blogging years ahead.

  9. Hello Tuke, happy blogversary!
    I'd love to win the Deep cleansing herbal tea by Shanyi organics to help me get a healthy hair growth and help stimulate blood circulation to my scalp. It's will be a pleasure to win this has I'm yet to get any cleansing for my hair. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Name: Adenike Yusuff
    IG: @shes_adenike

  10. Heyy! Congrats first off! I would love to win the waffles from Waffle Haus because I'm a sucker for good food lol and I love love waffles and I'll also like to check out the WaffleHaus brand so this would be the best opportunity. I hope I get picked 😩 My ig handle is @Odun_xo and my email is

  11. Hello Tuke, Congratulations on your blog turning 3! I would really love to win the waffles from WaffleHaus because since my visit to Belgium last year, i became obsessed with the waffles there, i've been trying to find one as good in Lagos and this would be a great opportunity for that. Also i'll finally satisfy my craving! lol.
    My instagram handle is @tobbie_a and my email is Hope I get picked. Thanks!!

  12. Congrats Tuke!! You've been an amazing inspiration to me. I wish you many more years of blog hits, huge traffic and $$$ haha. BTW where is the sharing of this cake happening it looks yum!!

  13. Happy Blogversary Tuke!!.. Nothing feels as good as watching something you love grow.
    I would really love to win the Shanyi Organics Clarifying scalp oil. Immediately I saw that it helps with Psorasis, I just knew i had to have it.. Been struggling with the scalp condition for a year now and it sucks so bad. I really hope i get to win it so it could help improve my scalp health.

    IG : @didi_davies
    Email :

  14. Happy Blogversary! I will love to win the fresh juice from dazzle fresh because it will further help me in achieving my nutrition goal for this year which is to make sure my family and I cut down as much as possible and finally cut off carbonated and fizzy drinks from our diet. One of our resolution is to go on natural and healthy drinks and this is a perfect example of what our body needs.
    IG: @joyobiesie

  15. I will love to win the Clarifying Scalp Oil. My natural hair is in a mess and needs a change in which i believe the Clarifying oil will work wonders, in terms of reducing the itchiness of the scalp and help curb bald spot which are round my edges.

  16. Hello Tuke, happy blogversary. I would like to win a flower crown because i've always wanted one and also because they are really pretty. Thank you.
    IG: dammie_a

  17. Hi Tuke! Congrats on your blogversary. I would like a box of 6 25cl bottles of Fresh Juice from @DazzleFreshNigeria. Started a healthy lifestyle and this would be a great part of it. Eating and drinking healthy reflects on the overall health of a person you know? Health is indeed important.
    I.G: @mystique_dammy

  18. Happy Bloversary to!! Alright, the honest truth is that I would love to have 1 of every give away!! Just because I strongly believe anything (positive now o!) Is possible!! Plus it would be a great avenue for me to broadcast about all the products to whom ever I deem pls to tell and as well have the opportunity to be a part of the success story..But really, if I were to pick, it won't be one o!! But it would be in this order 1st, would be, the waffles/food!! From @wafflehauseng just because I love food!! Lol, 2nd, would be, the fresh juice from @dazzlefreshnigeria, 3rd would be, the clarifying hair oil/deep hair tea from @shanyiorganics (been praying for a breakthrough in my hair for yeeaarrss now!), and the 4th would be the pretty flower crowns from @Ami.untaemed ...oopps..I went all the But all the same, its gonna be a wonderful avenue to get good gifts... :D
    IG: @saepsina

  19. Wow! So its a year already....happy blogversary,more grace.

  20. Congratulations on you blogversary! I would love to win the Shanyi organics Deep Cleaning Herbal Tea because it would help with my recently developed itchy scalp and the waffle haus waffle won't be bad too 😉

  21. Hello Tuke! Congratulations on your blogversary! I'd love to win the Shanyi organics Deep Cleaning Herbal Tea because it would really help I'm treating my itchy scalp and would boast the growth of my natural hair that seems to be stagnant for while now. A Belgian waffle from waffle haus won't be bad too lol 😉
    Instagram handle: TheNamiiii

  22. Plenty Congrats Tuke, i have been following your blog and must say how proud i am of your growth over the years. I would love to win the juices from DazzleFreshNigeria because i have been on a healthy life journey since November 2016, after my health got worse. So I'm always on the look out for "proudly Nigerian" healthy drinks to take in place of the "Minerals and Chivitas" and would like to try these juices. Hope i win.

  23. Hellooo aunty tukes,😁, hope am not late for this one now.
    I would love to win the shanyi organics ooo, because I always want the best for my kinky curls, but money no gree me, and have read different and amazing reviews about the product, and I can't wait to try the natural goodness on my hair.

    IG: @dee_iromi

  24. Hi Tuke. Congratulations on your third year anniversary. I would like to win the hair products from Shanyi Organics. i would like the Clarifying Scalp Oil which promotes healthy scalp, eradicates scalp infections and bald spots, because i want to my hair to grow and become very healthy as well as stimulate blood circulation to the scalp region of my head.

    More so, i want to this Nigerian brand to promote Nigerian made products.

    IG: @prinkiie

  25. congratulations on your Anniversary Tuke..
    Many more blogposts to come.. :)
    I want to win waffles from Wafflehouseng... saw them on Instagram and their waffles look amazing... and I like food soo.. :)


  26. Congratulations Tuke on your blog anniversary.
    I want to win the ticket to the Brook ladies event because I am interested in learning and growing as well as networking. I hope I win.

    Ig- DLeonaLife
    Email -

  27. Happy Blogiversary Tuksy Bee!