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Easter Holiday Weekend Gist: Lagos Underground with Keziah Jones & Nneka

Hey Guys, 

I can't wait to kick back the frequency of posts, I'm stretching myself a bit too thin so many things  I love to do are suffering, it's only for a season though, can't wait till the season is over.

So I attended a concert at the Omenka Gallery during easter weekend. I put a picture of my ticket stub on Instagram, check it out here.

The opening act was a guy called Stiques, he sings in a london accent and plays the keyboard.

He was accompanied by an amazing violinist from Muson.
The first time I saw him play was at a Pecha Kucha night at British Council a couple of weeks ago.
He is really talented and his songs are really catchy too #SupportTrueMusicians
The show started a bit later than advertised so ended a bit later than advertised too.
I got Jollof rice which was made with Basmati Rice. It cost N1,000, came with mixed veg & prawns and was really delicious.
Tunde Jegede, played the Kora and Cello in an amazing manner. I met him for the first time at the Jazz Workshop at Muson that I spoke about in this post.
Mr Wura killed i ton the Conga.
Keziah Jones discovered the guy in dreads at Bogobiri the night before.
His dance steps reminded me of Fela, he was really good.
Tosin (in dreads) played the acoustic guitar, I loved watching him.
Keziah Jones was Amazing on the Guitar.
He's a very passionate player.
Nneka was the last to mount to stage.
I like the fact that she was particular about her sound.
She made sure her guitar was tuned and sounded right before she put on her ankara scarf.
Her voice is so unique and beautiful.
She is really pretty and sweet too.
Have any of you seen Nneka perform live? What's your favourite song by her. The next person I want to see live is ASA.


  1. I neeeed to watch Nneka live♡♡♡
    My favourite was Heartbeat for a long time, now it's Restless. Also been jamming to My love, My love lately.

  2. You know, the week or two weeks before I left, I saw that Keziah and Nneka were performing at the Jazzhole and I desperately wanted to go. Unfortunately I was tired out of my mind and couldn't muster up the energy. Seeing this post gives me a pang of regret :(

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Awww, I saw that event too but I couldn't make it.
      I was so happy when this one came up, the tickets were really affordable too, 2k if you paid before the day.
      Pele, I'm sure you'll get to see her another time.


  3. Aww I'd love to see Nneka perform live. Heard so much about her. Would love to listen to stiques too.

    1. You should follow them on social media so you know when they have a gig.

  4. My favorite song from Nneka is 'my home'. I also like soul is heavy. Would love hear her perform live.

  5. My favorite is ''heartbeat'' ... love Nneka!

  6. I love Nneka. I saw her perform at Afropolitan last month. It was amazingg. Her voice is amazing and she comes off as real, the latter you have in common.

    1. Awww, I wanted to go for that Afropolitan but I couldn't make it, eyah, Thank you :)

  7. That pic of Keziah with his eyes closed......

  8. My favorite song from Nneka is 'my home'and I also like soul is heavy.