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A Printastic Evening Dress

Hey Guys,

Long time No Style Post!!

I know you guys have missed them. With the help of the Cassie Daves Blog Planner, I plan to put up one style post a week, every Monday maybe, what do you think?

I wore this dress to the AMVCA's which I spoke about here.
I used the gold eyeshadow I was gifted in this post to create this makeup look.
I used the eyeliner too, do you think the make up came out well?
 I put 2 pictures of this dress on Instagram already, one with Sharon who featured in this post and this post.
The other one was of me alone but as you can see the phone camera didn't really bring out the beauty of the dress.
I've had this dress for a couple of years.
I bought it in November/ December 2013 when Clan had a trunk sale.
I went for the sale with my friend Olamipo and got this dress for 15k.
I remember calling my mum to ask if it was worth it as I was a very prudent spender.

I loved the Print though, that's what attracted me to the dress.
If you aren't new to this blog then you will know I love prints.
 There are so many posts of me rocking prints.
That's a lot of Prints abi.
It'll be Neutral Season soon.
I haven't worn this dress many times as it was a bit too long and wasn't fitted around the bust.
I once wore it with a top over it, check that out here.
I wore this dress with minimal accessories, a simple sparkly clutch and some cute gold studs.
How would you accessorize this?
I think I look a bit like an Amazonian Princess too.
Natural Hair Rocks!
I absolutely love the colours of this dress.
The back is really cute too.
I used Ecostyler for my edges and tied it with a scarf for about an hour to make the puff neat.
Did you notice that this puff looks neater than other puffs?
Hope you enjoyed this post :)
Don't forget to Let your light shine :D


  1. lovely dress and your hair is cute.

  2. LOVE IT! The dress is so pretty, the clutch lovely, and everything's so very well put together.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. I agree the phone pictures did'nt do the dress justice. I love the print, you look stunning girl. I especially love how you styled your hair and you did a good job on your makeup. I'm looking forward to more style posts.

    Princess Audu

    1. They didn't do the dress justice atall.
      Thank you Sarah :D :D

  4. I love these colours on you! The print looks great too!


  5. Your puff though #hairgoals...*sighs*. I love the print dress. Would you consider stretching your hair to see its length or have you ever done that?

    1. Hehehe, Thank you :)
      Yes, I have stretched it before.
      Last time I did that was October 2014, there's a post on it on the blog. I used the ORS Strengthening & Straightening Treatment.

  6. I love the print of the dress and the minimal jewelry made the dress stand out!!


  7. I have so many things to say on this post. Lol

    1. My first reaction was what? 15k?.. But i guess it's worth it.
    2. Your eyeliner def popped!
    3. I have a similar style of maxi dress but its black and white.
    4. Eco styler gel works? I have such a massive tub that just seems to be wasting away.
    5. Good idea to way a top over a dress!
    6. Your one-liner after every picture is quite interesting
    7. When will it be Neutral season in Nigeria?
    8. Ok, Nothing else to say
    9. I clicked on a lot of those links above
    10. I enjoyed the post.

    Lol! I'm obviously in a good mood.


    1. Loool, the prices of their pieces have more than tripled since that time o!
      Not all flavours of ecostyler gel works for me, only the argan oil one with the red cover.
      I don't know when it will be Neutral season o!
      Yayyyy, I'm glad you clicked on a lot of those links, good to know my efforts weren't in vain :D

  8. Love this dress and you look amazing hun.x


  9. I really love the dress but I had to seriously read the 15k over but nevertheless it's still lovely. Hair goals also.

    1. Looool, yeah it wasn't cheap and that was their sale price.
      Eyah, Thank you!