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Restaurant Review: Villa Medici Lagos

Hey Guys, 

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Like I mentioned in a recent newsletter, I went to Villa Medici last week to celebrate my Parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary. If you don't get my newsletters, make sure you subscribe here so you don't miss out on important updates & sweet gist.

We usually go to Jade Palace or Pearl Garden to celebrate special occasions but my dad let my mum choose this time around.
She was craving Salmon and suggested Ocean Basket or Villa Medici.
We went with Villa Medici, I've eaten at Ocean Basket twice and I think it's more suited for lunch/day time.
Upon arrival we were given these complimentary canapes

One had a Tuna filling while the other had a cheesy filling.

I didn't try the cheesy one but the Tuna one was interesting.

I really Love the design on their plates.

I Love how the tables are set up too.
 We got a complimentary basket of warm bread before our mains arrived.

The butter it came with was shaped in a nice & cute manner.
 The heart was my favourite.
 The flat sliced bread was so delicious, any idea how this is made or what it is called?
 My little brother's friend didn't know how to spread the butter hence the big blob.
 My mum got a bowl of soup as her starter.
 My dad got a Chicken, Avocado and Pawpaw Salad.
 The rest of us shared 2 glasses of firecracker prawns.
 The prawns were absolutely delicious.
 The lettuce was a tad bit bitter though.
 Izanagi serves their Teriyaki Chicken in a glass like this too, check out my review of that here.
 My brother got a lemon mocktail which was a tad bit bitter too.
 The waiter recommended grilled chicken and chips for the children.
 They loved it.
 My brother was complaining that he couldn't read the menu because the name of the dish was written in Italian/French but the content of the dish was written in English.
 My best friend got the Peppercorn Steak.
 He asked for it to be medium and they complied with his preference.
 I tried it but didn't really like it as I'm not a fan of steak or peppercorn.
 Even though they had salmon dishes on their menu, they were out of stock so my mum ended up having Sea bass.
 She liked it but I didn't try it as it came in Hollandaise Sauce.
 I'm not a fan of hollandaise sauce, are you?
 My dad got some sort of chicken which he enjoyed.
 My parents kept on saying that the service and overall dining experience is way better with a small group than with a large group which usually happens when they go there for parties.
 That is to be expected as there weren't too many people in the restaurant so their focus was on making sure we were satisfied.
Also, when you go there for parties, you usually pick from a set menu which is limited.
The Chicken, Sea Bass & Fish all came with this side dish.
 My mum loved the Potatoes, Carrots & Marrow.
 I got a Seafood dish as usual :)
 The prawns were made with Ginger, Coriander & Lemongrass.
 It was absolutely delicious!
 I was sooo full from the bread and firecracker prawns that I took some of it home and had it at work the next day.
 It tasted even better at work, I just wish there was more rice.
 I really like the decor at Villa Medici.
 There's some sort of ancient medieval vibe to it.
 Check out the shields on that velvet curtain which cover's the DJ's room.
 One part of the ceiling has got clouds painted which I think is really cute.
 The staff were happy to see me take pictures and even told me to go to the female toilet as it's really pretty.
 Do you think it's pretty?
 It's really comfortable with cosy chairs so ladies can gist while doing their makeup/freshening up.
The wall paper is really class.
 The whole restaurant screams luxury, elegance & sophistication.
 I think it's a great place for an intimate proposal.
 They have a really cute garden with a pretty wall.
Don't go there if your bank account isn't smiling though, it's called fine dining for a reason.
Have any of you been to Villa Medici?
What was your experience like there?


  1. I've been there a couple of times and liked it a lot. I think I had a lobster dish... or was it a king prawn? Whatever it was, I loved it.

    This event, The Music Lounge, also happens there every now and then.

    Congratulations to your parents!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thanks Berry!
      The lobster dish I saw was 11k, it must taste good o!
      I've never been for The Music Lounge but I've seen the flyers around a couple of times, will check it out if I'm free when the next one is happening.

  2. I blame myself for coming to this post while I'm hungry........
    Nice images

    Congrats to your parents.

  3. Congratulations to your parents!!!

    The canapes look delicious and different from the norm...

  4. Did you mean the toilet is an intimate place for a proposal? Lol!

    Looks really good. I may check it out. And Congrats to your Parents! Xx

    1. Looool, no nah, the whole restaurant!
      Thank you :)
      It was really good!

  5. lol @ if your pocket is not smiling. Congrats to your parents... Btw, I just had dinner, but your pics are making me so hungryyyyyyyy

    1. Thank you :)
      Hehehe, the power of food photography :D :D

  6. I want to eat EVERYTHING, but will prolly be filled up by the time u get to the second meal. They all look amazing and the restaurant looks great too.

    Congratulations to your parents!

  7. Love the flow of the blog. Feels like someone recounting their experience right beside me. I coulda sworn that I could hear your voice. Nice job in all and congrats to your parents. Photos were superb.

    1. Thank you Samuels! Your comment brought a huge smile to my face :D