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Tuke Morgan x This is Ess

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!

Happy New Quarter too!

Hope you've reviewed your goals for the year and started making intentional decisions to help you achieve them. The first quarter might have been the time where you tested the waters, now it is time to dive right in.

I'm making some pretty bold decisions this month concerning my life, career, music, passions and travel. I pray it all works out well in the end.
So this is the second and final part of my day out with Sharon.
If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out the first post here.
These pictures were taken by the Amazing Linguini at Alexis Galleries.
He is the first photographer I had a Studio Shoot with, check out some of the pictures he's taken of me in this postthis post and this post.
Sharon and I acted a tad bit silly when these pictures were being taken :)
We laughed a lot too :)
You would think someone was tickling us.
or there was laughing gas in the room.
We just had a lot of fun during the shoot.
Our dresses had beautiful textures.
How cute is the embroidery on Sharon's Dress.
We had individual shoots as well.
I tried to imitate the scupture's post, did I do a good job?
I let my fro out after a while.
I think these pictures show the beauty of this Vintage Polka dot dress from Soul Orange Vintage.
I bought it sometime in January and it cost N5,000, delivery was 700.
It's very similar to one of the dresses Beyonce wore in her formation video.
One Leg Up!
That's my Focus Face!
Shout out to the owner of Art Cafe who let us have this mini shoot at his wife's gallery.
This Fela piece with the Saxophone is my favourite artwork from the gallery.
Which one is your's?
We played formation in the background while these pictures were being taken 
It's amazing how music connects people of different backgrounds and race :)
This was my first collaboration with a Non-Nigerian blogger and I look forward to many more!!


  1. I love that dress! The last picture, with the white and black, so beautifully captured.

    Nice post, yes indeed I pray God blesses each plan and brings it all to fruition and perfection.

    Welcome to April hunnie!

  2. Awwwwwn..... It looked like you guys had absolute fun during the shoot. Also, where is the gallery located? I hope we can collaborate on something!


    1. We Did! It's in VI, 282 Akin Olugbade St, Off Adeola Odeku.
      We definitely should, send me a mail, tukemorgan@gmail.com if you have any ideas.

    2. Hey, I sent you an email over the weekend.

  3. It's hard choosing a favorite they're all beautiful your dresses poses laughs artwork everything is beautiful.. Cheers to your first international collaboration and cheers to the future collaboration..

  4. The gallery is beautiful. I like the paintings with the bold colours.

  5. Beautiful pictures ... love the art works, all round great post!

  6. The gallery is so beautiful. Love both your dresses, I felt like yanking them off the whole time I was reading!

    The piece with fela and the sax was really powerful. Love the way the colors were coming out of the sax.

    Happy New Month, Detuke :)

    1. Looool, Thank you!!
      Happy New Month to you too!

  7. Cute photos!

    I really like your dress Tuke!

  8. The post has so much light & energy. Your smiles are gorg'!


  9. *singing You'r so beautiful...

  10. Beautiful people doing what they love. God help me

  11. Lovely!!!

  12. Love the smiles and energy of the shoot! Best wishes with your plans!!!

    Berry Dakara Blog