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Tuke's Trips: Mahjong house in Ningbo

Hey Guys,

This is the Third part in the series, isn't somebody on a roll, woohoo!

If you are new to series, catch up on the first and second parts before reading this.
So, the campus in china has got a replica of a building from the UK Campus, this one is called the Trent Building, Nottingham Alumni Ahoo!
 I was really excited to find a Nigerian Flag in the lobby.
 They have flags of every Nationality found in the school.
 I find some of my poses to be a bit funny.
 Can you see chinese pulpy, this picture was taken in 2012, took a while to enter the Nigerian market, didn't it.
 The decor was very grand at many places.
 This meal was had at the Robin Hood Restaurant on Day 2.
 I decided to edit all the pictures before posting them and I was shocked to see that it makes a huge difference when compared to the pictures from the first and second parts.
 I remember liking the ham/sausage bits in the white rice.
 Some of my classmates discussing something after the meal.
 There were certain areas with loads of high rise buildings.
 It was so weird seeing billboards with Chinese Characters but I got used to it after a while.
 I never even visited a bank while there, was on a cash only p which isn't very wise//safe.
 This is the bridge we crossed when coming to Ningbo from Shangai.
 We visited a Cute Chinese house with loads of red lanterns.
 There were loads of koi fishes swimming in the pond too.
 There are so many beautiful buildings & temples.
 I wonder how expensive it is to build something like this.
 I got darker while out there.
 I discovered that Black People tan during this trip.
 The garden was so pretty and picturesque.
 I'm really glad I was able to edit these pictures to make the colours pop.
 I've only ever seen a turtle once, I need to visit a zoo.
 Do any of you play Mahjong?
 I found this statue really interesting.
 I learnt the importance of keeping to time during this trip.
 I got down about 10 minutes later than the scheduled time and the bus had left me.
 I had to take a taxi with one of the really nice Chinese students.
 These chinese robes looked so precious behind the glass.
 Another beautiful building.
 There were loads of men fishing outside the Mahjong house.
 There were many okada's in the city too.
 They look a bit more modern than the ones in Lagos.
 I've never gone fishing before, have you?
 I hear you have to be very patient to be a successful fisherman.
 Smoking was very common in China and spitting too.
 I wish I got a souvenir in the shape of this temple.
 It looks so cute.
 There were mini paddling boats on the lake.
 It was such a calm and serene environment.
 Isn't the swan shaped boat so cute?
 It was common to see old men playing cards at the park.
 These are some of the cool kids from England.
 It's funny how you can be in the same university as someone yet never meet them until you go to another country.
 The sky looked so pretty at times.
 These pictures stir up wanderlust.
Are you travelling to anywhere interesting anytime soon?


  1. Lovely pictures! I absolutely devoured them! we want more! :)

  2. Awesome photographs. I haven't travelled out of Nigeria but I look forward to that experience. Bet you had a nice time.

    1. Thank you Ollie!!
      Yes, I did have a Great time.
      I hope the opportunity for you to travel out comes quicker than you expect

  3. I actually play mahjong! Though I haven't got friends around me at the moment who can. Would love to visit China soon, hopefully!

    1. Oh wow, I don't know many people that do so that's really cool!

  4. I used to play Mahjong on my computer. Does that count?

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