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The Perfect Surprise from The Chocolate Fairy

Hey Guys,

I received the cutest package from the chocolate fairy last week.

It came in this huge white bag and loads of my colleagues were wondering what was in it.
It was the cutest chocolate bouquet I've ever seen.
Phone pictures didn't do it justice like the dress in this post so I got out my trusty DSLR.
There was an envelope attached to the bouquet.
It had this simple classy card in it.

The card said "Tuke Morgan, We hope you enjoy our chocolate bouquet. Have a Great Week! The chocolate Fairy"

There was a more detailed note which was wrapped like a scroll.

I took out the flowers from the bouquet and gave about 13 of my colleagues.
The bouquet came with 16 flowers in different colours.
I think the bouquet will make a perfect present for an anniversary, a birthday, or when you just want to show love to that special someone.
It'll be even better  if you get me to play the Sax to surprise that person like I've done herehereherehere and here.

This bouquet cost 12,500.
The chocolate Fairy can customise a special package to meet your needs with champagne, spa vouchers, perfumes, teddy bears, luxurious candles, etc
You can follow them on Instagram & Facebook or give them a call on 09098844508.

Tell them you're a friend of Tuke o :D


  1. This is a very awesome idea. They looked very pretty. Gonna send bae their IG handle. For girls that love makeup, you can easily replace the chocolate with MAC lippies.

  2. Really creative! Super cute. Will check them out :)

  3. Perfect gift for a chocolate lover like me!


  4. Yum! There goes my diet.