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Restaurant Review: Orchid House Apapa

Hey Guys,

Happy Monday!!!

Hope you had a Great Weekend!

I got a cold and sore throat over the weekend which cut down my productivity and made me relatively inactive.

Other than that, I had a good weekend, went to camp, watched a Stage Play, ate some good food and hung out with my loved ones. How did you spend your long weekend?
I first heard about Orchid House through a post on Eat Drink Lagos, then I read about it on Naija Made Easy, and Trip Advisor.

It really is as described, it's so pretty, cosy, homey, lovely, a little paradise with loads of greenery and cute pieces.
It reminded me of the old Scarlet Lodge which I wrote about here and here. You feel like you're not in Lagos when you're there, especially when you are in the garden. I didn't take many ambiance shots because you need to go there and experience it yourself, take my word though, it is tranquil and beautiful.
We got Chicken Corn Soup and Vegetable Spring Rolls as our starters.

The soup cost N1,000 each and the Spring Rolls cost N500 for 2. They had Prawn Mayo Spring Rolls like these ones which cost N1,000 for 2 but I couldn't bring myself to order that because Owambe Mart Spring Rolls cost N100 for 2.
The Vegetable Spring Rolls had Noodles in them like the one from Orela which I spoke about here.

They came with a Spicy Chilli sauce but I wanted a bit more savoury so asked for Sweet Chilli Sauce which was DELICIOUS.
I got a Prawn Dish for my main and it was exactly what I wanted unlike the Prawn dish I had at a restaurant in SA, will gist you about that later.

I loved the fact that it was colourful with Red Peppers & nicely sized prawns. I wish the prawns were a bit more seasoned like the ones from grills in and out. Nevertheless, the Sweet Chilli Sauce I mentioned earlier made it LIT.
Tola got a Chicken Dish with Spring Onion, Ginger, Black Fungus and Mushroom.
He loved it but I just wish the sauce was a bit more, a little more liquid would have been nice.
We got white rice and fried rice.
 I love the fact that the rice came in the shape of a heart, however, the serving was rather small.
We had to order two portions of Jasmine Rice and one portion of Fried Rice.
The Jasmine Rice cost N1,000 and the Fried Rice cost N1,200. The Prawn dish was 4,950 and the chicken dish was N3,500. We got 2 bottles of Aquafina 100 ml water at N250 each and were served a complimentary pot of tea when we were done eating.
We totally enjoyed our experience and would definitely go back again. The only downside was that they didn't have Thai Crackers which are usually complimentary. Also, some of the prices on the menu were wrong, the menu said the prawn dish was N4,500 and the Fried Rice was N1,000, however our receipt said N4,950 and N1,200. Note that there is a compulsory 10% tax added to the bill.

The other customers were expats from Europe, America and India and one couple even came with their dog.

They offer massages there too and the prices are reasonable.

The address is 15A Marine Road, Apapa and they open from 11am to 11pm Tuesdays to Sunday's.

They sell souvenirs from Thailand and have the most beautiful pastel walls.

Have you been to Orchid House before? If yes, what was your experience like?

Also, how did you spend your long weekend?


  1. Your food photography is so on point! Yummy Post.

  2. All on point as you and your photography skills... Cheers

  3. oh my God,i love the looks of these foods,am salivating...

  4. The heart shaped rice was what dragged me to this post lol... You really do love prawns though!!! I think I'll have what Tola did, looks so yummy and awesome food photography for the win... Abeg gist us what went down in SA

    1. Awwww, yeah, the heart shaped rice is really cute.
      Looool, Yes o, I'm a Seafood Lover!
      Thank you :)
      Look, the gist is coming!

  5. I always get hungry when I read your food reviews. You photograph food so well!

  6. I am having lunch there with my date this week..need to see this..