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Hair Jamboree: Hair Gist, Features and Product Haul

Hey Guys

Happy New Month!

It's slightly bad that I'm saying this 7 days into the month but mehn, na so life be. A friend of mine helped me declutter my laptop so now I can blog more easily, Thank God. The thing was acting so slow, like a snail, even though it's only two years old. Plus, NYSC is over on the 16th of October so a lot of changes are being made in my life. I've started playing Lawn Tennis again, was on the court for over an hour on Thursday and I've joined my church choir so I have somewhere to play Sax on a weekly basis. No more NYSC Lagos Brigade Band :(

I've been wanting a new hairstyle for a while by the way, I don't want braids and I can't find my closure which is really annoying. I want to get a fringe done or try the ORS Strengthening and Straightening treatment so I can leave some of my hair out when I install my weave. If you've ever tried a straightening treatment please comment below and let me know how it went.

I've been featured on a couple of hair blogs in the past few weeks namely African Naturalistas, Beautifully Nappy and Zebelle curls so check them out and get to know me a bit better :)
If you enjoyed my Natural Hair Journey Post, you'll definitely enjoy the interviews.

Oh, yeah, you guys need to get involved in the kinky apothecary giveaway I'm hosting. Less than a week to go if you want to win one of 3 shea moisture goodies, who no like awoof?

My last hair haul was at the beginning of August. I spent about £20 pounds which is about 5 to 6k in Naira. I took loads of pictures of the products, that time my lens was new :)

I will start with the conditioners and shampoos. So, up until, Naturals in the City 8, I had no personal shampoo. I would just use whatever was at the Saloon. This was because when I moved back after uni, there was no space in my suitcase for liquids so I threw most of my hair goodies away.

I got the Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo from the Product Swap at Naturals in the City 8 so essentially, it was free. I ordered the Giovanni Smooth as silk conditioner from NaijaHairCanGrow during their Blogversary sale for N2,000. I love the scent of these products.

Now, Herbal Essences Herbal Hydration is an old favourite, it's what I used while I was in Uni. I got these cute travel size bottles from Poundland so £1 each.

I got the Simple Shampoo and Conditioner from poundland as well as I recently started using Simple skincare products which I love, spoke about them briefly here.

This is my Shampoo and Conditioner stash, I have a clarifying shampoo too.

Now, the Argan Oil Eco Styler is  my favourite from the bunch below. It gives me superb definition when I twist my hair.

The ORS Smooth and Hold Pudding did nothing for me, looking forward to the next Natural Hair event so I can swap it for something else. I read about it on Sasha's blog but it didn't give me the same results it gives her which is fair, we have different hair textures.
Tea tree oil has it's many benefits but I'm not a fan of the smell
I like the Sweet Almond oil, I can deal with the smell
I Love the Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine Leave in Conditioner. It's my favourite leave in at the moment, I actually gave out my Cantu one (the one the natural hair community adores) last week because I don't use it.
Now, the texture my way curl keeper is something I loved when I was in the TWA stage. I have only used it once since the August Haul so I can't say much about it.
I'll show you all my Product stash someday

Tata for now!

P.S.These pictures were taken when my lens was new, as you can tell, I took my time taking these pictures and I find it hard to discard unnecessary ones. The nestle water bottle is there so you can compare the products in terms of size.

P.P.S. I need to restock on some of my staple hair products namely Argan Oil Ecostyler, Coconut Oil and Black Jamaican Castor Oil. If you will like to bless me with these products, please leave a comment below, Thank you.


  1. It is exciting that you can now get Shea Moisture in Nigeria. Exciting products Lovely post and I love all your features. Love your hair too!!
    Es x x

    1. Yes it is very very exciting :)
      Awww, Thank you Estee :D

  2. You don't need more than one shampoo at a time. Sell or trade them in to restock the rest.

    1. Yeah, I only use the Giovanni and clarifying one. But I bought the others because they didn't cost much and I like having pairs :)
      Where can I trade them?

  3. I should really try the shea moisture products

    There so many positive review ;)

    1. Yeah, I've only heard good things about them. You should take part in the giveaway on Instagram, maybe you'll win one!

  4. you can get a lot of these products from invivo store in surulere.
    just found them out and i was soo happy.
    been blowing their trumpet all month.

    1. Just checked out their website, seems like a well stocked place.
      Thanks for the Heads Up :)

  5. Nice blog......,hfgliu3