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Weekend Round Up!

Hi Guys!

So, this not knowing what career path I want to follow has really been causing me to worry. I stayed in on Friday night doing research and freaking out a little, to be honest. That’s why I haven’t posted in a while. Some people might say one week isn’t a while but when you have 16 posts in your draft folder, waiting to be edited and shared to the world, one week is definitely a while.

I’m supposed to be updating my CV and deciding where I want to apply. I spoke in an earlier post about the reasons why I didn’t want NYSC to end, well, there’s 2 months to go and I still don’t know what’s next. Diarris God sha! My friend and blogger, Feyi Adesanya, said worry is a wasted emotion and that I should trust that God will direct my path and present me with a perfect opportunity so I will know without a doubt that this is the next step I should take. Not just having faith in a passive way though, in an active way, because Faith without works is dead. Enough of the gloomy talk, on to better things.

Happy Monday People!

Hope you had a great weekend!

I had a pretty interesting one, I started make up classes last week, that’s why I woke up with so much enthusiasm in my last post. It’s a 2 week course at Doranne Beauty in Opebi, I will put pictures up when I’m done with the course so you can see the progress I’ve made.

I went for a Natural Hair event on Saturday, it was organized by Naija Naturals and it was such a classy event. Attendees had to register before hand as there was limited space for 30 people, we were all given goody bags, courtesy Loreal and Oma26, check out her blog, sociotectonic.

There was small chops and chapman which made me really happy as those are two of my favourite things, you would know if you’ve read this post. The powerpoint presentation was also printed out for us so we could make notes as the day went along, very helpful. As it was a small gathering, people really got to meet, greet and interact with each other which I loved. I finally met some of my blog friends, Mide Coker and Leez nijis. Plus, some of the attendees knew who I was from my instagram afro pictures, this got me really gassed.
I didn’t have my camera with me as it was being used at my beauty school, however, Mide took some amazing pictures and put them up that day, please she should get an award for the world’s fastest upload (I haven’t even put up pictures from my cousin’s wedding which happened 3 weeks ago).
Photo Credit: Mide Coker

I went for the hair meet and greet with my secondary school padi, Detola  (on the left) and my cousin/God-sister Teni (Red Top), I did her makeup by the way. I’ve been practicing on any and everyone because practice makes perfect. Now I know why make up artists don’t always have make up on, they spend time doing other people’s face and then have to rush out so don’t bother with theirs. The girl with the huge afro is Tolu Dan Musa, she organized the whole event, follow her on instagram @NaijaNaturals, she also launched a hair/wig company that day so check it out.

On Sunday, we had a parent/teen/youth interactive session at church with the theme "Raising your Child right". There was an Ice Breaker at the beginning, two mothers and their children were called out, they had no prior knowledge that they had been selected. They had to pick a number between 1-7 and answer questions relating to their child e.g. what is your child’s phone number? Favourite subject? Favourite Bible Verse?, etc. Would your parents have answered these questions correctly?

Some things I took home from the session:
  • If you compare one child to the other you are killing one’s self esteem
  • Each child is different, even twins/triplets so study them, know their strengths and weaknesses, don’t force them to be what they are not, encourage them to be what it is they were created to be
  • A bird’s natural habitat is in the air, you can’t force it to swim, neither can you force a fish to fly, it was born to swim. If you force them to do what they have no business doing, they would feel like a failure.
  • Don’t get into the habit of making another child your child’s role model, people have skeleton’s in their cupboard and there is a lot going on that you don’t know. That child you are praising might be addicted to smoking, alcohol, pornography or even be a fraudster so just watch what you say

I watched Half of a Yellow Sun later in the day, I wasn’t expecting it to end that way but I enjoyed it. I read the book agesss ago when it first came out so I don’t remember much of the story to be able to compare but Ebun Oluwole did a thorough post reviewing it.

One thing I learnt this past week is that everybody you meet in life is either a lesson or a blessing so keep this in mind.

Would love to hear how your weekend went by the way.

Have a good day!!



  1. very eventful weekend you had, my inolved sleeping all sunday; i wish i was at the naturals meet and greet but i was owanbing sha..x


    1. Yes o, I can't wait to have a much needed lie in! Eyah, at least you had your own fun and you got a glimpse of what you missed :)

  2. Well God will definitely make a way..
    This was a fun filled week for you. I'm excited to see your makeup progress, I've seen dorranes' work and its really good. Mide is really fast, I was already saying isn't that Tuke smiling on instangram. Your cousin and friend are really pretty. I really need to go watch the movie.

  3. Amen o!!! Yes, it was a pretty busy one!
    Her work is really amazing and it's great seeing transformations up close.
    Lool, the fastest blogger ever, speedy fingers, hehe.
    Thank you, I'll pass the word on to them!
    Yeah, i enjoyed the movie, it's such a shame the pirated version is being sold on the roads already though!

  4. Awwww my dear.. I just feel to come join you guys in Naija. And it is so true about what you've said, all that comparing thing is just nothing but stupidity and ignorance. And as for your career path, God will indeed guide your paths in making the right decisions. :)

    1. Yayy, Cooome!! We'll welcome you with arms wide open!
      Yeah, comparing is really not healthy and it can have such a negative effect on a person's self esteem.
      Amen o!!
      Thank you Miss Corporate Lawyer :)

  5. Thanks for the referral :D

    How come I didn't hear about this event? Anyhoo, glad you had fun.


    1. You're welcome :)
      I found out about it through leeznijis blog, you should follow them @naijanaturals on twitter or instagram!

  6. hey how much/intensive is the makeup class? been wanting to take one. I was gonna register via SAED but that didnt work out. I'm with you on the career thing. We'll figure it out by God's grace!

    1. Hey Simi, its 50k for a 2 week beginner course. There's more info on their website sha. I was going to do a SAED too especially because corpers pay a discounted price but I wasn't sure if they would teach all the techniques I wanted to learn or if they would have correct brands. Amen o!! This career choice thing na wa.

  7. I seriously understand this career thingy, fellow batch c corper here. anyways like you said 'Active Faith' is very much needed. Missed this natural hair meetup. looking forward to the next one!

    1. Awww, looking forward to meeting you at the next natural hair meet up. Hopefully, by that time, we would be settled in our career or at least know precisely what it is we want to do.

  8. Thank you Tuke for the shout out! *kisses*

    1. You're welcome Oma, I used the argan oil deep conditioning treatment yesterday and I blessed my cousin with the scalp wash, they have been put to good use :)

  9. For some reason Adetuke, it makes me happy to know you're a Christian as well. I pray God will order your steps wrt a career choice.