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60th Post: The Sunflower Blogger Award!

Hey Guys!

Do you remember my Goal Audit post, one of my goals was for my blog to be nominated for certain awards and this is the second one it's been nominated for, Yayyy to Goals being achieved. The first one was the Liebster award and now this, maybe one of the Nigerian Blog Awards next, ayy?! It's better to dream big than small, innit!? Thank you Mide Coker for the nomination, check out her blog people, she is such a cool kid!

Before you continue, you should know I'm currently taking part in a Competition organised my Guaranty Trust Bank, it's on Instagram (@gtbank) and the 3 pictures with the most likes proceed to the next and final stage. I'm number 4 of at the moment which kinda sucks, please vote by liking the picture and get your friends to like it too, Thank you :) By the way, it's the jumpshot picture of me from the Prints make me happy post!

I actually finished editing this post on Wednesday and I was so pleased with myself, was really excited to put it up too. I Love it when I post everyday and in my mind, I was on a roll as my 61st post is fully ready, waiting to be shared. The thing I wrote didn't save and when I realised this, the motivation just disappeared and I was like till tomorrow y'all. Tomorrow was yesterday and I went for an Impromptu Pancake Party which was really fun. At the end of the day, I was too tired to even put on my laptop so you will be getting 2 posts today. I am such a Story woman though, did I really need to say all this, of course not, but it's my blog so I can do as I please. Yayyy to Freedom of Expression. Anyways, back to the award...

The rules are as follows:
1. Share 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the questions set by the blogger that nominated you
3. Nominate 11 bloggers
4. Set 7 questions for nominated bloggers

Facts About Me
  1. I shared a room with my sister from the day she was born till I left for boarding school at the age of 16
  2. I am scared of live chickens, yes, I have slight Alektorophobia .
  3. I was once scared of dogs so my dad got us 2 Dalmatians and this helped my sister and I get over that fear, now we are Dog Lovers (That in no way means my Dad should get us Live Chickens o)
  4. I like to write stuff down hence the notes section of my phones and iPad are full and very interesting.
  5. I love taking pictures but I am not a photographer, I have Lightroom but I'm too lazy to edit.
  6. If someone upsets me, I might not react immediately but I would usually write a long honest letter to them which I typically don't share with them, that's just how I deal/get over certain stuff so I don't react negatively.
  7. I have wanted to be many things in my life e.g. A backup dancer, Astronaut, Pilot, Accountant, Air Hostess, Teacher, Saxophonist, Chocolate Factory Owner and many more.
  8. I went to an all girls school for 8 years of my life, and contrary to popular belief I'm not awkward when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex.
  9. I am very particular about live music and picture quality.
  10. I get Sugar highs when I've had a Large amount of sweet stuff and I tend to be very excited, jumpy and talkative. It is usually followed by a Sugar Low where I am weak, tired and very very sleepy.
  11. I am from Osun state but I have never been there, it's very sad.
  12. I can be weird. Sometimes I'm really social and excited and I'm all over the place gisting with people. Other times I'm quiet and observant, taking it all in and not uttering a word, like I'm looking in from the outside.
                                                                 My Questions

1) What would you spend 1million dollars on?
I'm not a 100% sure but I would pay my tithe, invest a lot of it, I'll probably put a high proportion of it in a fixed deposit account and spend the interest, not the principal. I'll give my parents some too because they have done so much for me. I might buy some land too, profit yielding assets for the win.

2) Favorite item in your closet? (put up a picture if you can)
My Jalabia, it's so comfy and I Love it. I haven't got a picture of me wearing it but I'll update this post and add a picture whenever I do take one

3) If you had the chance to name yourself, what would it be and why?
I won't change my name o, I love the uniqueness of Adetuke

4) How do you express yourself?
Through words (the blog) and music (the sax). 

5) Favorite book?
The Bible, because there is so much to learn from it but I don't read it as often as I should

6) What inspired you to start your blog?
So I was asked this question in my our stories interview and I sorta just pasted my answer on here (edited it a little bit though, noticed some grammatical errors)

I realised I liked writing in 2007 as I wrote in a diary everyday from 2007 and I stopped sometime in 2009 when the diary ran out of pages. It was one of those yearly devotional journals with lines at the side to jot down your thoughts. I didn't take writing seriously after that, and only wrote stuff once in a while. Later on,  I started writing for magazines and in my journal and Microsoft Word a lot more in my final year of uni. It was my way of dealing with the pressure and stress that year. I also discovered a lot of blogs such as Berry Dakara and Musings of a Caramel Latte addict during this time as I was supposed to be indoors studying. It crossed my mind that I could do something similar but that was it.
My plan after uni was to go teach English in china for a year and I intended to document my time there via a blog. That was the first time I actually thought of starting a blog. The China teaching thing didn’t work out so I decided to come home and serve (NYSC). The summer before I moved back a Rwandan girl I met said she thinks I should start a blog because I take nice pictures and I dress well. I didn’t take her seriously but the idea was planted. Before NYSC started, I used to write quite a bit, especially about my experiences in Lagos as an IJGB (I just got back). I would send these articles to some of my closest friends and one of them kept on saying I should start a blog because I liked writing, liked going for events and enjoyed taking pictures too. I used to hype a lot of events via bbm and another friend suggested I start a blog because I know a lot about undercover/alternative events.
I read a book called Do Something by Ike Amadi and that was the final push that made me start it. I had come up with the name already. Was actually supposed to start a blog with two of my friends but they chickened out and said they’ll rather guest post. I asked myself what I was waiting for and there was nothing so I started. I was a bit irregular at first, had laptop issues in February and March. I attended a Writers conference with Ify Halim (founder of Our stories) and that sorta fuelled my drive to keep at it because good things take time.

7) What has your blog done for you?
It has been an avenue for me to express myself and meet like-minded individuals. Plus, I like to believe I'm growing through it, some situations/experiences that would have affected me negatively before have no effect on me now. A few people have seen my blog and it's made them more aware of my talents so in some way I am marketing myself through this, it's like a personal brand.


Georgette of The Unspoken Words 93
Mary of MzCocoh
Oghosa of Food-Junkie Girl
Mimi of Mimalee
Nengi of Runway Ribbons
Sogi of The Diva Diaries

Questions I set

  1. If you could represent any brand, which one would you choose and why?
  2. What's one interesting thing you've learnt about me from reading my blog?
  3. Do you have a phobia?
  4. If you were offered an all-expenses paid trip to anywhere in the World, where would you go and why?
  5. What is your greatest achievement/What is that something you've achieved that you are most proud of?
  6. What is your dream job/career?
  7. What is your favourite post on my blog and why?

I am looking forward to reading the nominees answers, please let me know when you've done yours.

 P.s. I wrote 12 facts instead of 11 because I felt like



  1. Now No 6 is more interesting..........i think i should try it out...:) Uh girl thanks for sharing that info.

    1. Yeah, you should o, it helps, so you don't end up saying something you'll regret.
      You're welcome :) waiting to read your liebster answers o

  2. Congrats on your award, its always nice to achieve your goals. This was a nice and interesting read as usual :-)

    Hair update 15 months natural

  3. I've always wanted to be everything you listed....except the saxophonist. This one time, i applied to join the US Air force but I just never got the guts to press the submit button!!

    1. Oh, Yayyy!! We finally have something in common, hehe. Oh, wow, that would have been something, working for the US Airforce!

  4. Hiya mami...Congrats on your awards...**whispering** Nice blog by the way....

    1. Thank you Tibs, Just checked out your blog, you've achieved a lot in 3 months o, looking forward to going through all your posts!

  5. Alektorophobia haha...i know what I'm getting you if we ever meet. I've always wanted and dreamt bout being so many tings too
    Backup dancer, sniper, a fighter*dont ask bout it*, a musician*i so can't sing*, an author, an actress...even a stripper.
    Thanks for the nomintion hun. Lemme start thinking.

    1. Hmmm, don't try me o, I actually really freak out! It's a bit ridiculous when I think about my behaviour afterwards but yeah... Wooww, stripper, that one no be small thing oo, LOL!
      You're welcome 😊 Looking forward to reading your answers :D

  6. Great post! I really enjoyed it. Nice to meet you and have a lovely weekend.


    1. Thank you Missy May, Hope you have a great weekend too :)

  7. Thank you Detuke for nominating me! Would put my post up :) :)


    1. You're welcome Mimi, looking forward to reading it :)

  8. Thank you for the nomination detuke, I really appreciate it. You've got such a vibrant blog here :) x

  9. Nice blog Tuke.
    I came over from Sisi Yemmies blog and I must say your personality shines through every post.

    1. Awww, Thank you Funmi! I'm glad that it does :)

  10. You should totally visit Osun state if you have never been there before. Let loose, visit new places...

    Nice answers and questions.one of them got me thinking...

    1. Yeah, I really want to, I have wanderlust but I haven't had the opportunity to travel around Nigeria much, my parents aren't comfortable with that yet.
      Hmmm, I wonder which one got you thinking, give me a hint :)