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The Versatility of Natural Hair

Hey Guys,

Happy New Month!

Happy New Quarter too!

Hope you were able to achieve some of your goals in the first quarter. I pray this one is better than the first and that God grants you all your heart's desires.
Natural Hair Bridal Options
So, I've been Natural since August 2011 and I've learnt a lot in all those years. I've had heat damage, I've had to do the big chop twice, I've tried out a temporary ORS Straightening System & I've experimented with loads of different protective hairstyles.

I realised last month that 6 of my top 10 posts are hair related and that you guy's love beautiful makeup and style posts too like this one and this one. So, I'm giving you guys more of what you like.

I collaborated with some Amazingly Talented Creative Individuals to create this series and I really hope that you guys not only enjoy this series but that you share the posts with your community too.

I will be sharing videos showing how each hairstyle was achieved so make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel here so you don't miss out on the series.

Let me know what you think of this Introductory video which shows the versatility of Natural Hair in Quick Time and also what inspired this series.
Shout out to the team which was made up of

MaivelsBeauty, Makeup Artist
NaturalHairRockss_, Hair Stylist
ShutterWavePhotography, Photographer
SenorPresh, Videographer
TukeMorgan, Creative Director

Yes, I deserve a Shout out :)

Tag me in your post if you decide to recreate any of these hairstyles.

Let me know your favourite out of these 3 Bridal Inspired Natural Hair Updo's which show the Versatility of Natural Hair :)

These Beautiful Natural Hair Updo's were created using 2 Bundles of Her Given Hair in length 18 and 20 inches. Use the coupon code TUKE when you visit their website here to get 5% off your purchase and make sure you write my name "Tuke Morgan" as the reference channel.

Thank you!


  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every one of you had a fantastic job!

    Berry Dakara Blog

  2. Beautiful, I'm on a low cut n I'm tempted to grow my hair and join the team natural, well done intersting video. I love

  3. This is so lush with different shades of amazing.

  4. Natural hair for the win! Forever and ever.

    Oréoluwa’s blog

  5. Lovely hairdos. I have always the loved the last hairdo when I see it on people. I also love the first one. I hope we get videos showing details of how you achieved the individual looks.

    1. Thank you, Yes, there would be detailed videos showing how each hairstyle was achieved so make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel!

  6. How didn't I get to see this post earlier🙈🙈..This is like all shades of awesome👍

    1. Lool, Thanks Kezia, Share with your friends and family so they don't miss out :)

  7. Wow, lovely video. I just started my natural hair journey, can't wait to start rocking the different styles shown in the video.

    1. Thanks Christiana :)
      Hope you enjoy the journey!