Sleek Low Puff Ponytail Tutorial | Her Given Hair | Tuke's Quest

Sleek Low Puff Ponytail Tutorial | Her Given Hair

Hey Guys,

This is part 2 in the series Versatility of Natural Hair.

I'll be showing you how to achieve a Sleek Natural Low Puff Ponytail like in this post.
Sleek Low Puff Ponytail
I have 4c Hair yet was able to get my hair lying flat without the use of a Scarf.
4c Hair Laid Edges Puff Ponytail
It doesn't matter how thick or coarse your Hair is, this Sleek Low Puff Ponytail can be achieved regardless of your Hair Texture.
Coral Evening Glam Dress Long
Check out the tutorial here.
If you missed out on the first part in the series, check out the double bun tutorial here.
If you would like to get the Her Given Hair Extensions I used to create this look, use the coupon code TUKE to get 5% off.

P.S. I know it's been 4 weeks since my last post, I lost a close family member unexpectedly and had to take some time off to deal with the loss and ensure she was given a befitting farewell. I'm back now and pray that none of us have to experience loss any time soon.

Happy New Month :)


  1. Very pretty Tuke.

    And again, sorry for your family's loss. May she rest in peace.

  2. May her soul rest in peace.
    And you look absolutely beautiful.
    I'm sure going to try this look.

    1. Amen o, Thank you.
      Would love to see a picture of you with this look, kindly tag me in it.

  3. Sorry about your loss Tuke, I pray the Holy Spirit comforts you and your family.

    I've been stalking your blog because it was quiet, good to have you back.

    Stunning pictures! You have a very beautiful smile!


    1. Thanks Feyi, Amen!
      Awww, I've been posting on Insta :)
      Back to Blogging now!

  4. Sorry about your loss. I almost sent a DM to ask your whereabouts. May soil rest in peace.

  5. Beautiful photos Tuke.

    Sorry about the loss. It is well.

  6. Thank you Yvonne.
    I appreciate it!

  7. sorry about your loss tuke, praying for strength for you and yours
    please what gel did you use to get your hair to "sleep" i also have 4c hair and it's such a struggle, even with scarfs.

    1. Thank you Gbeminiyi.
      I use Ecostyler Gel, ORS Edge Control, Flaxseed Gel, ORS Smooth N Hold Pudding or Aloe Vera Gel.
      Try the ones that are easily accessible to you to determine which one works best for your hair.