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Nigeria's 57th Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!

Happy 57th Birthday Nigeria!
Nigerian celebrating Independence Day

It's a New Month, a New Quarter and I'm really excited for what this month will bring.
Nigerian Independence Day Inspiration
I hope to visit the Northern region of Nigeria this quarter.
Nigerian woman in traditional attire
I will be shooting loads of style posts featuring Nigerian Designers and African Fabric/Accessories.
Nigerian Fashion Blogger in traditional
I pray our nation will be Great Again!
Traditional Clothing on African Fashion Blogger
 These pictures were taken on the day of the Fulani woman shoot, however I edited these.
Nigerian Independence Themed outfit
How did you spend Independence Day?
 How are you spending the Independence Long Weekend?
fulani female outfit
 Nigeria is filled with many tribes with their own traditional attire. Which one is your favourite?
Fulani cultural day outfit
 If you could choose your state of origin, will you change it? If yes, to what state?
nigerian cultural day outfit
 I really loved these Fulani Braids, want to know how I achieved them? check out this post!
I tend to post a Green and White outfit every year to celebrate Independence Day. However I already posted one earlier in the year, check it out here if you need some outfit inspiration.
In 2014, my Independence themed outfits were green and white dresses, check them out here and here.
ladies nigerian traditional outfit
In 2015, the pictures were taken by the talented Niyi Okeowo and I was flying our flag, check out that post here.
Traditional Nigerian attire
One of the pictures from that 2015 post was used on an Independence themed billboard in Ajah, imagine.
Tribal Braids & Beads
The 2016 look involved a green jacket and white ruffled shirt and was shot by Kabenny, check out that post here.
Fulani Braids & Beads
 I love looking back at old posts to see how much has changed and the growth that has occurred.
Traditional Nigerian Costume
 Shout out to Yanga Beauty for slaying the Fulani Inspired Makeup.
Fulani Woman in traditional attire
Please remember to pray for Nigeria, our leaders and the people. Do what you can to make Nigeria Great Again!


  1. In all the fun on twitter and Instagram et al, it's easy to forget to actually pray for Nigeria. Thank you for reminding us (me). Great post gurl! Lovely outfit! God bless Nigeria!