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My Food Trolley Experience

 I recently discovered a Website that makes life easier for those who aren't able to go to the market, those who would rather not go, working mums and people who find that their fridge/food cupboard is always empty.
It is called Food Trolley and it is a Food Logistics company which aims to create the most customer-centric meal experience that is exciting, affordable and convenient by infusing technology with agriculture, innovation and culture.
I ordered from their website last week and was really glad that you're allowed to choose what time the delivery arrives.
They have fruits, vegetables, frozen foods, drinks, a wide range of groceries available.
From Tiger Nut to Haribo, Garden Egg to Choco Milo, they've got it all!
I ordered a nice mix of different products like water, yoghurt, juice, snacks (Maryland Biscuit, Kit Kat, Tom Tom), seasoning, fruit, veg and frozen veg.
The Cabbage and Watermelon were fresh and big.

The snail was a good size too.
They had a number of products I had been curious to try out like this Fanta and Ojoro Kitchen's chopped products.

Chopped ginger and Chopped garlic makes life easier as you don't have to spend time peeling, plus your hands wouldn't smell after cooking.

My parents were really happy when they came home to this package.
I picked out the items with my Brother and Fiance and got a little something for everyone.
I love the fact that there is a flat delivery fee of N500 to any location in Lagos.
They are currently running a promo so you get a free whole chicken with every order for the month of October.
Use the coupon code TUKEMORGAN to get 10% off
You have to create an account to be able to use the coupon code, it also helps that you can add items to a wishlist and then go back to pay when you are ready to order.
 They have a blog with fun recipes by talented food bloggers like Afrolems & Sisi Yemmie, make sure you check it out.
Have you ordered groceries online from any website in Nigeria before? If yes, what was your experience like?
If you haven't ordered groceries online before, what's stopping you? Visit and use the coupon code TUKEMORGAN to get 10% off, you wouldn't regret it!

Follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter too so you don't miss out on any offers they have.



  1. The attendants pose is the highlight of this post! They look like models

  2. I normally use supermart who buy their products from the popular supermarkets in Lagos. I'm definitely gonna try this company out. I like that they have a range of delivery slots

    1. Awwww, yayyy! Let me know what you think of the experience!!!

  3. I'm definately trying them now. Thanks for the review

    1. Yayyyy, you're welcome!
      Let me know what your experience is like when you try it!!!

  4. Omo, to be honest, the 'Fiance' line had me beaming like the sun!
    Do they deliver nationwide though, because I'm in Delta State and their products look really good.
    Your photography game shaaa, it's really bomb!

    1. Awwwww :)
      Not yet!
      They only deliver in Lagos for now, Thank you!!!