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A Blue Ankara Dress with Lace Detailing

Thanks for all the love shown on Instagram, concerning my Introduction #TukeTola2018 We Move :)

When I was in England last month, I met up with a Blogger who loves Ankara just as much I do. Her name is Jennifer Amani, if you don't follow her, you're missing. 

We shot two looks and I'm really excited to share them. I wore this Stunning Royal Blue Ankara Lace Dress with Lace Detailing and Exaggerated Bell Sleeves for the first look.
Ankara Dress with Bell Sleeves on Black Fashion Blogger

It was made by my mum's tailor, Iya Feyintola.
Ankara Dress on Nigerian Fashion Blogger
My Mini Heels are from H & M in South Africa, I styled them with a Red Dress here.
Ankara Dress on Black British Fashion Blogger
 I love the fact that I was able to visit the location where Jennifer usually shoots, we went for a Blogger event after and then had dinner at Pizza Express with Noble and Claire, check out our Boomerang from that day here.
Ankara Dresses on Black Female Fashion Bloggers in the UK
Jennifer wore a Vibrant Ankara Jacket and styled them with Cobalt Blue Heels.
Ankara Jacket on Black Fashion Blogger
I love how the Blue on her heels and jacket match so perfectly.
Ankara Jacket Style on London Fashion Blogger
Check out her Blog & Instagram page to learn more about this Nigerian/Ivorian Beauty.
London Fashion Blogger Jennifer Amani
These pictures were taken by one of my friends from Nottingham, Noble. Check out more of his work here.
African Print Dress on Black British Fashion Blogger
Photography was a hobby of ours while in Uni, I love the fact that he has gone professional and improved his skills significantly.
Black British Fashion Blogger Citroen 2cv6 dolly car
Spotted this retro car on the street and decided to take some shots with it.
Nigerian Fashion Blogger with Retro Red Car
For more pictures of Jennifer's look, check out her post here.

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  1. Lovely photography! Jennifer's jacket is cute. And your dress is gorge! Iya Feyintola is a star 🙌🏾

  2. This is very nice! Especially the pic with the retro car������

    1. Thanks Ose, the Retro car ones are my favourite!!

  3. I love your outfit and the photography Is so lovely

  4. Your outfits complement each other. Was it planned? If not it turned out beautifully! Great pictures too.

  5. Serving some real eye candy here!!


  6. This looks so beautiful. I will def create this piece as well. Im loving it & congratulations again.


    1. Thanks Olivia, Tag me in a picture of you rocking it when you do!
      Thank you :) :)

  7. The colours are popping!! Iya Feyintola is the one though.
    Really nice outfits and as always, your smile shaaa!!!
    Please I have stolen your style already, thank you😊

  8. The pictures are so beautiful and the outfit too!


  9. these pictures are amazing tuke... !!!
    you really should wear more Ankara.. suits you.

  10. You're so beautiful Tuke! And that dress, you're rocking the hell out of it haha. You both look so great, I love Jennifer's blog as well! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  11. Amazing pictures though,you got carried away I love the dress I didn't know that style would actually look good with Ankara. You're beautiful too

  12. You both look so beautiful together, such a good idea I hope u will collaborate more. Ur hair looks good like that and u have such a pretty smile! x x x

    1. Thank you :)
      We will try to when next we are in the same city :D

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