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Weekend Recap, World Health Day and a Sandwich

Hey Guys

How are ya? Hope you enjoyed the Long weekend! How did you spend it?

Mine was very busy, yesterday was my day of rest. I only went to Savvy and Chic to get some Shea Butter Cups. I grabbed a copy of their Magazine too as there was a picture and little feature of me from the garden party. You can also see the letter I sent to them which was the winning entry for the 25K Mac Products giveaway :)

I went to RCCG Camp on Friday and I'm so glad I went, I was slightly upset when my dad said I had to go with him but in retrospect I'm glad he did. It was a great night, was able to give my CDs to a number of people that I really respect and admire :)

Saturday was the Gidi Culture Fest, you can see some of the pictures I took on the Fayrouz Blog.
Don't you just love Berry Dakara's glasses? I finally met her hubby Cakes, Yayy :)
Afam who blogs at The Ramblings of a Mad Man
Feyi Adesanya who blogs at The Modish Method
Tobi Marcus-Bello
Antonia Soares, Complete Fashion Mag
FJ Odukomaiya and Seun Tandoh
My Camera flash stopped working sometime in December and there were many times this weekend that I wished I had an external flash. Someone even suggested I upgrade my camera to a professional one as I use an entry level DSLR. If you've got a spare camera lying around somewhere in need of a new owner, I'm available ;) hehe

On Sunday, I went for 4 different events, my cousins wedding Thanksgiving Service, then the reception then my Grand Aunt's 80th and then a youth event at my church. Choi, I was tired when I got home at 9 but it was a very fulfilling day. Fela Durotoye was the guest speaker at the youth event, and I learnt A LOT. I need to start sharing these events with you so I won't be the only one benefiting.

Today is World Health Day and the theme is Food Safety. I'm not a calorie counter or team Fit Fam but I have been making Sandwiches for Breakfast these past few weeks. I'll share some pictures of the Tuna Sweetcorn Sandwich I ate on the day we were waiting for election results to be announced.

What's your go to sandwich combination?


  1. I have not yet perfected my sandwich making skills. No matter how hard I try, mine never ever turns out like those in the shops - I gave up a long time ago..... I'm off to Farouz blog to look at your pictures.....

    Happy Easter

    1. Lool, practise makes perfect na :)

  2. Everything you can think of (except Sardine), the more the merrier ... it's like that o, from feature in the magazine to Cover, Keep going!!

    1. Loool, I want to see a picture of the Sandwiches you make o!
      Amen o, step by step :)

  3. Lol at the subtle suggestion for a new camera, I think we would all love a new one. Count your blessings girl, I'm still trying to figure out how to get a DSLR. Of course, I've already begged daddy but he does not see the point so let the prayers commence lol. I checked out your pics from the Gidi Culture Fest, you did good, I wish there were more photos though. Hopefully, I'll get to attend one of these events some day. Your sandwich looks very healthy. I like to go for sausage and stir-fried onions on Italian bread for my sandwich, its so good but probably not the healthiest choice, oh well I workout though.

    Princess Audu

    1. Hehe, i just had to plug it in. Natural lighting has now become my best friend but I'm hinting at it for my next birthday present :)
      Oh, wow, so what camera do you use for your pictures?
      There are many more photos, the post has been split into 2 or 3, will let you guy's know when they put up the other ones.
      Hehe, it does, especially with all the colours :)
      hmmm, I like sausage sandwiches too but I've never had it with Italian Bread and I'm not a fan of fried onions.
      What kind of exercise do you do?

  4. I hope you get the new camera. I have been using a Canon Powershot SX50 HS, with a little natural lighting and editing, it does the trick. I look forward to seeing more of the pictures from the event. It's unfortunate that you don't like fried onions, my family loves it! I always have to make large portions. As for exercise, I try to do a mix of Jilllian Michaels and Keaira Lashae workouts at home three to four times a week,

    1. I hope so too. I pray my parents don't say I'm too old for presents anytime soon.
      Oh, wow, you're diligent with your exercise, keep it up!

  5. I love sandwiches! I miss tuna sandwiches, my mum makes them. I usually make mine with chicken chunks or sausages in bits, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, a little olive oil. Pita pockets and flat bread are bae.
    Off to check out your shots for Fayrouz

    1. Sounds yum, I haven't bought Pita Bread or Flatbread in Lagos before. When I was younger I used to Love Pita Bread and Hummus, might have to look for it :)

  6. I cant wait for the time I will hav busy days,its been way too long
    Not really a sandwich person but yours look inviting

    1. Awww, Eyah, soon come :)
      Thank you :D

  7. Am so making this ! by the way let me book down the old camera while we await the new one
    *side eyes*