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Tuke's Trips: Orlando

Hey Guys!

I'm glad that some of you expressed interest in the "Tuke'sTrips" segment. It will be located in the Travel Section which can be found under the Categories Tab in the Side Bar. I'm trying to make the blog more organised and user friendly, hope you appreciate my efforts :)

So, what actually sparked the desire to start this was a conversation with my little brother last week. He turned 7 on the 22nd and we were going through old pictures on my laptop. We went into the Disney World File and I was so shocked that he remembered particular things we did on that day at Disney, he was only 4. 

I'm starting with a general post on Orlando and then I'll move on to the Disney one...Enjoy the Ride!

We arrived in Orlando and I was very tired as I had literally just gotten back from China. We stepped out of the airport and saw a Taxi with our Surname on it which was a very nice welcome to the States.

Our hotel had a really nice pool but we didn't use it much as our schedule was really tight.
I thought these clocks were really cool, they reminded me of the steering wheels that captains use to drive their ships and they reminded me of compasses too. It would have been nice if there was a clock with Lagos on it but it's all good.
Imagine a restaurant with over 100 types of Pizzas, choi, America is a good place to go and fatten up. Supersize portions everywhere. I'm going to have to dedicate a post to food in Orlando, your mouth will water, hehe :)
My Camera case was still fresh as I had gotten it a couple of months before. If you see it now, you will buy me another one.
I thought the license plate was really cool, especially the fact that there was a picture of an Orange on it.
I don't know much about cars but this one looks like something Batman could drive
I was in a meeting on Sunday and we were talking about Valet parking and how it isn't popular in Nigeria. Would you trust someone at a restaurant to park your car and not damage it or run away with it?
Our waiter was really cheerful and friendly, his name was something Mexican and he reminded me of the boys from that show on Nickelodeon "The Brothers Garcia", did any of you watch it?
I would like to believe that this picture of the flower was taken with a Flash, I like the picture, I really do :)
Can you see that sign with an illustration of a wheelchair? It means the restaurant has access for disabled people, most likely a ramp so they don't have to be lifted up stairs. I think it's great that many places overseas take people with disabilities into consideration when designing buildings.

Do you know Ted Dekker? He's a Christian author and I met him, Yayy me. Isn't it a coincidence that we're all wearing Black!
Another picture of Nature that I really like, especially the depth of field.
Yes, it looks like I have dada especially because the kinky twists had two different colours on them.
With Jeremy Camp, do any of you know who he is?
I took the next set of pictures from a bicycle-led cart in motion. We didn't go into this upside down building but I would have loved to see what it looked like inside. Have any of you readers been here by any chance?

Ice Bar, I know there is one in London and a couple of my friends have been there.
This is the Bicycle-led cart I was talking about, don't we look so cute and happy

I wish this picture came out clear, I love it still.
Camera-fie with my little bro.
The best place to shop in America has got to be the outlet malls. Designer items at a really good discount, it might be last Season but who cares?
We went to a Redeemed Church in Orlando and the interesting thing was that most of the instrumentalists were children.

How cute is this  little girl!

Very Nice looking Bungalow, it reminded me of a Scene from Twillight
Drove past the University of Central Florida's campus :)
How wide are these streets?
Would you be scared to go on a slide that high or would you embrace it? I'm a screamer when it comes to rides :)
A lot of pictures abi, and at that time I didn't know I was going to start a blog, Life eh, you never what lies ahead of you so everything you do, do to the best of your ability. Would you like to see the food post next or the Disney one?


  1. Very nice!


  2. awwwwwn look at your cheeks. Lovely pictures. Food post next. hehe

    1. Hehe, Thank you :)
      Okey dokes, food post next!

  3. OMG!!!!! You met Ted Dekker!!!!! I loooove his books.

    1. Looool, I can feel your excitement from here

  4. Your smile is really cute as usual, the car is really sexy* yup cars are sexy too* Disney pictures next, the new layout is cute but I still miss the old one too, it was so yellow and fun

    1. Thanks Sogie, hehe, you aren't the first person to describe a car in such a manner.
      Awww, really, I absolutely loved the other one which is probably why it took me so long to make the transition. Change is here sha :)

  5. I've driven and walked by the upside down building a few times in Florida. We've never ventured inside though, but maybe one day. The waiter seems hilarious! Nice photos!

    1. oh nice, he was very hilarious, kept us entertained :)
      Thanks Maureen

  6. Yayyyy, I'm glad someone else appreciates their uniqueness
    Lool, there are some places in marina where you have to drop your key when you park, shocking stuff.
    Thank you :)

  7. Ted dekker? Jeremy camp??? OMGooossh!!! *faints* Tuke you have got to start planning these trips with tickets for two...

    1. Loool, I met Karen Kingsbury too but the picture was taken with an iPad. Lool, no wahala, next one would be Summer 2016

  8. Haha I remember this trip. Was that the church that had a song called "Calvary"? Such a catchy song - I still remember the melody

    1. I can't even remember, send me a vn of you humming it on whatsapp please :)

  9. It looks like you had a great time in Orlando. Which is the hotel in Orlando that you stayed at? I tried searching it by photo but with no luck...

    1. Yes we did, we stayed at Embassy Suites on International Drive and then moved to Homewood Suites by Hilton. The beautiful swimming pool in the picture above was taken at embassy suites.