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Introducing Tuke's Trips

Hey Guys

I don't know if you know this but I enjoy travelling. I am privileged to have visited a few countries in my short lifetime and I hope you enjoy reading about my experiences. I actually bought my Nikon D3100 in June 2012 because I was travelling to China that Summer and I wanted to document my time there with good quality images. I didn't know much about photography at that time so I shot in auto for the most part. 

The summer of 2012 was a very interesting one as I went to 4 continents in a span of about 6 weeks. I was in school in England, I got a scholarship to visit my University's campus in China for a 2 week Summer School, I went to America with my family on holiday and then I came back to my country Nigeria for Summer job.

I took A LOT of pictures on these trips and I'm finally ready to share them on this platform.

Hope you enjoy this segment :)

P.S. One thing I've learnt in life is that if you show people what you are capable of doing, the kind of work you can produce, you would eventually be paid by someone who appreciates the service you willingly provided for free. Just keep doing you because you never know who is watching.

Like Bankole Williams says, God's greatest desire is for you to charge a fee doing that which you would usually do for free.

Happy Monday :)

Oh yeah, check out Abuja Chronicles I, II and III to get an idea of what these travel posts will be like.


  1. Yay to Tuke's Trips!
    I like travel posts especially with loads of pictures!
    Nigerian and Natural

  2. Thank you for that last quote! You just gave me some motivation for the week!
    Can't wait for your travel posts now!

  3. I luuuuuurrrrrrrrrvvvveeeeee browsing pictures. Looking forward to seeing your chronicles. On a lighter note, how do you back up your pics? I have had 2 external hard drives 'die' on me and take to the grave with them, years n years worth of pictures...... So heartbroken right now...... I'm bereft......

    1. Mehn, you go tire when I start putting the posts up o, I have pictures for dayyyyys.
      I have some of them in a cloud storage space call know how. The rest are just on my computer, I've never actually used a hard drive but I got one 2 weeks ago. Your comment has just reminded me to back all my stuff up on it. Thanks! Pele o about your hard drives, I lost my phone and left my camera in a cinema seat in summer 2008. It was such a paiiiiinful experience, I got a new camera 2 years after and that one was stolen in December 2010, it pained me o because I hadn't transferred the pictures to my laptop. Now I've learnt to transfer pictures to my laptop the same day they've been taken, choi, experience can be such a painful teacher.