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Seafood Okra with Maggi Naija Pot Bottom Pot Seasoning

So, I got a surprise delivery from Maggi a couple of weeks ago.
Maggi Naija Pot
It was a lovely box filled with different ingredients and the cutest note ever.
Handwritten note Tuke Morgan
It feels nice to be appreciated by big brands like Maggi.
Maggi Bottom Pot Enjoyment
Have any of you tried the New Naija pot flavour yet?
Maggi Nigeria Bottom Pot Influencer
 Do any of you know what Idak Esio means?
Efo and Catfish for Seafood Okra
The box came with different ingredients like Okra, Smoked Catfish, Pumpkin Leaves, Onions and this parfait.
Nigerian Food Stockfish Crayfish Maggi Naija Pot
The parfait was made up of grounded crayfish, smoked fish and the Naija pot seasoning, creative right?
Seafood Okra with Crayfish and Maggi Naija Pot
 The finished product tasted delicious, my cousin and I cleared the pot.
Maggi Nigeria Seasoning for Soups
Watch the video below for a recap of what happened when they came by.
 What is your favourite soup to make? Are you a fan of Okra or not?
Tuke Morgan Maggi Bottom Pot Taste
Make sure you try Maggi Naija Pot if you haven't.



  1. Awww, this is so pretty and that last picture left me smiling. Maggi always gets a major A for creativity, they do such a great job.
    I love Okra and my favourite soup to make is Oha, too delicious, nothing compares to it.
    This post has just made me want to try out the new Seasoning, and I will!!
    Thank you for sharing Tuke.

    1. Yes they do!
      Choi, I've never even tried Oha before, need to change that.
      You're welcome!
      You'll love it :)

  2. My favourite soup is White Soup but Okro cooked as Ila-Asepo Gbam! lol I like like that

  3. Yes! Okra happens to be my favourite soup. I want to try this out but I haven't seen it near me yet.

    1. Ah, look well o, they've ensured that it is available in quite a number of places.

  4. Idak esio - bottom pot

  5. Such a beautiful box, overall a very creative initiative! Your food looked delicious too :D Kudos to Maggi!!

    1. Indeed it is, Big Kudos to them.
      They are an Awesome Brand doing an Amazing Job!