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Pregnancy Tag

1. How old were you when you found out?
26, 11 days after my 26th Birthday

2. Is this your first? Do you want more kids?
Yes it is, Yes we do :)
3. Did you wait three months to tell?
We told our Nuclear family the week we found out, a few close friends and family members in the first trimester not long after and extended family in the second trimester.
4. What sex did you want?
I sorta wanted a girl so I could dress her up in cute matching ankara dresses for mummy and me pictures but I'm glad it's a boy. When I was younger I always wished I had an older brother. My Husband's parents and my parents sorta knew it was a boy before the scan, revealed by God kinda thing.
5. Have you picked a name? How difficult was it to do so?
I had picked out 2 girl names before I found out it was a boy. Still hadn't come up with a first name when this post was written but my husband was sure of his English name, which is the same name his parents had in mind.
6. What weird foods did you crave?
Hmmmm, I craved a number of things and the cravings usually only lasted for a few days to a week.

From efo to Ogbono, club sandwiches to shawarma, salad with sliced egg to pizza, chicken corn soup to spring rolls, Greek yoghurt and granola (this lasted a while)

7. How much weight have you put on?
Quite a lot, Pre pregnancy, I had never actually dealt with clothes not fitting but it happened soooooo many times during this journey, Jeez. Like I would decide on an outfit a week or a few days before and on the day it wouldn't fit, mschewwww, so painful. I was 56.5kg pre pregnancy, came down to about 54.5kg during my first trimester because of morning sickness. As at 33 weeks, I was 71kg, I pray I return to my pre pregnancy weight or at least 60kg. My arms, cheeks, thighs, hips and boobs have come out. I've changed bras so many times this period, Diarris God o!!!

Update: I was 75.6kg just before delivery, 70.5kg after delivery and currently 66.3kg 2 weeks and 2 days post partum. I used to play Lawn Tennis quite a lot during my nysc year, plan to start again in a couple of months. My sister in love is 9 years older than me and she lost most of her pregnancy weight through breastfeeding, she thinks the same will happen to me especially because I'm significantly younger than her. I am looking forward to seeing what I weigh 2 months post partum. What was your weight loss journey like after giving birth?
8. When did your normal clothes start to get tight & How much maternity clothes did you buy?
In July. I had planned a shoot to take pictures of my husband and I in our outfits from the wedding because we didn't get great portraits. The shoot was postponed once because I was still nauseous and throwing up. When my health had stabilised and we were finally ready to have the shoot o, I brought out the outfits to ensure they fit and they didn't fit, it was so painful.
I went to Tejuosho and bought fabrics to make dresses, most of them stopped fitting by the end of 2nd trimester/beginning of 3rd trimester. I sha discovered what style works best after a while. Dresses were a winner for me in Lagos. In London, maternity leggings and a sweater with trainers or boots were bae. 
I spent quite a lot on clothes while in Lagos, very painful. It would have been nice if I could post about the pregnancy, share my maternity style and work with fashion brands, oh well, I'll work with baby brands by God's grace.   
9. Best part of being pregnant so far?
The fact that God has blessed my Husband and I with this wonderful gift. We got upgraded to VIP at Adekunle Gold's Concert in Christmas and I got upgraded to Business Class  by British Airways on my flight to London :)

10. Worst part of being pregnant?
Morning Sickness wasn't fun at all. It started in my first trimester and went on till the beginning of my second trimester. It was more like all day sickness as I threw up up to 9 times one day. I prayed for sleep as that was the only time I wouldn't feel nauseous. When I was awake, I was either lying down reading a book or in the toilet, on the floor, throwing up, not fun. I also missed out on a number of events I was really looking forward to this period, not fun at all.

From about January 3rd, I have been having pain in my hips when I get up from the bed or stand up after sitting down for a long time. I have to wait for a bit for the pain to subside and then hold the wall to get me to the toilet or door, not cute or fun, I even felt like a walking stick would make life easier, not my portion in Jesus name sha.

Update: I started sleeping with a pregnancy pillow I won via comfort hub and that helped. I also realised the mattress in my room was hard so switched to the softer one in my sister's room and that improved things significantly.
11. What items have you bought?
Nothing yet o (as at January 10th), just gifts I got at my baby shower. Been putting my list together, just looking for the best deals and trying to make decisions on brands, been talking to other young mummy's about their favourite brands and regrets too.
Update: I had bought everything for my hospital bag by the 4th of February and recorded the what's in my hospital bag video on the 5th of February. Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel here so you don't miss the video when it drops. Baby came earlier than expected, on the 6th. I had about 92% of things I needed.
12. What's your birth plan?
It hasn't been formally written yet but I would like to give birth at the hospital, I pray my labour doesn't last for long and he comes out within 30 minutes.

Update: God answers prayers yo!!! Will be sharing my delivery story in a vlog soon so subscribe here so you don't miss it!
13. What's in your hospital bag?
I haven't packed it yet *covers face* went to mothercare yesterday though and I've been talking to other young mummy's to get an idea of pricing.

Update: A lot of stuff was in my hospital bag, video dropping soon, like mentioned earlier so subscribe here.
14. Do you intend to be a work or stay at home mum?
I work for myself and a lot of it is done from home. Sax wise I have to go to venues for gigs and studios for rehearsals, don't think that is really going to change.
15. When would you like baby to arrive?
When his dad is in the country, not on Valentines Day sha, I think February 10th will be nice, one month to our 1st year Wedding Anniversary :)
16. Breast feeding or formula feeding?
Breast Feeding for the first 6 months by Gods grace.

17. Who do you think would be with you during labour?
My Husband and Mum by Gods grace, my dad will be waiting in the lobby and maybe some close friends.
PS:  These questions were answered on January 10th when I was 34 weeks.

This dress was gifted to me by @Kharyna_7thavenue, Thank you!
Pictures were taken by @ShutterwavePhotography
The honey blonde weave is from @hairbyrubis

These questions were gotten from Kachee Tee's Post here. If you have any more questions you'll like me to answer, feel free to ask them in the comment section and I'll answer them in a Q & A Vlog!