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A Blogger Brunch in Lagos

I've been wanting to Host a Blogger Brunch/Hangout in Lagos for the Longest time.

When Kachee Tee said she was going to be in town for a week, I thought to myself, Perfect Time!
I messaged the OG Bloggers & Youtubers in my circle who create high quality content.
About 10 of us gathered at Pizzeriah in VI to talk about our Blogging Journey, struggles, challenges and share experiences.
Stephanie Ani was the first to arrive so she got first dibs on the makeup items I brought as gifts.
We played Blogger Bingo to determine the winners of the items.
We tried out 5 different pizza flavours and it's safe to say the Chicken & Beef Suya Pizza was a Crowd Favourite.
 We all introduced ourselves, spoke about our Blogging/Content Creation Journey & our goals too.
 Sky is a Youtuber & Photographer who creates minimalist content.
Aanu is a Digital Marketer, Poet & Clinical Psychologist.
Sandra Nakawunde recently moved to Nigeria. She's a Hair Model who creates Hair Content, her hair is Beautiful.
Oma runs a lifestyle blog So Tectonic & ST Hair & Beauty
She actually Blogged & Vlogged about her experience at the Brunch. 
Check out her Blogpost here & video here.
Stephanie Ani is a Make up Artist & Youtuber who creates Beauty & Lifestyle content.
Tireni, my Baby, wasn't left out :)
Nikki and Tees who runs All Shades of Denim came through with her Stunning Hair.
I really loved her outfit, her style has stayed consistent over the years.
Kachee creates lifestyle content and is based in the UK.
Her Baby, Jidenna and my Baby got along pretty well.
Cassie stopped by during her lunch break.
So did Valerie, but I haven't got any indivdual picture of her, she is in the group one at the beginning of the post.
I'm really glad I was able to plan and host this.
I gave most people 24 to 48 hours notice so was really pleased with the turnout.
I am planning to host a Mummy Hangout later in the year.
These past few years have taught me that community and relationships are so important.
No man is an island, Collaboration is the way forward!
If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together!
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