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Restaurant Review: Sabor Lagos

So I've eaten at Sabor twice before but it seems the third time was truly a charm.
I like the fact that they have a functioning website with the full menu so you can actually plan ahead, check it out here.
I also really like the fact that they gave us individual receipts instead of everyone picking out what they ordered from one long receipt.
There were 12 of us and we tried a number of options. The Birthday Girl got the seafood Scampi and she loved it.
It looks great and was very creamy, I prefer tomato based pastas though!
Her Brother and my friend, Olamipo, got the Lamb Ragu. I thought this was really delicious.
Three people got the Butter chicken.
It was well seasoned and tender and came with a side of potatoes.
Buki got the BBQ Beef sliders off the Terrace menu, it was really affordable too, 3500 for 3 sliders.
The Sabor Punch I had was really good, I told them to make it Frozen.
 I got the Hot Bird, which was a really delicious Chicken Burger, the sauce it came with was fire!
 I got Sweet Potato fries as my side and they were so filling. They were fried in an interesting batter.
 Bunmi got the Grouper fillet with Mash Potaoes.
 She cleared her plate which tells you it was yummy. She is a picky eater!
 It's really rare to go to a restaurant and all the dishes had by a party of 12 will be a hit.
 Have you been to Sabor before? Did you like it? What is your favourite restaurant in Lagos?


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