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VIP Spa Treat at Maison De Beaute

Hey Guys,

Hope you enjoyed the long weekend.

Mine was Amazing, filled with weddings, a Bridal shower and Bridesmaid Dress Fitting.

It ended with a Lovely Pamper Session at Maison De Beaute.
It was a love filled busy weekend, car issues made me a little sad but there is God.

Maison De Beaute is offering a VIP Spa Treat on Deal Dey for N4,950 only. The revitalising Spa Package includes

  • a 45 minutes Facial, I had a Deep Cleansing one
  • a 45 minutes soothing and relaxing Swedish Massage which will ease muscle tension
  • a 20 minute pedicure

I started off with the Pedicure.
I like the fact that she used gloves and they have proper pedicure chairs.
I got a Manicure as well.
It cost an additional 2k, Gel Nails cost 3k.
I used the e29 colour above for my finger nails.
They have a machine which allows you get any of the prints below.
You can also get acrylic nails or 02 Nails.
The Deep Cleansing Facial was next and I really enjoyed it.
My face was cleansed.
Honey was used on my face while steaming.
Blackheads were extracted
A mask was then put on my face
My face feels revitalised.
The masseuse is a talented towel arranger.
How cute are the animals she made with the towels.
Reminds me of people's rooms on Caribbean Cruise Ships.
The massage was very relaxing, I even dozed off for a bit while it was going on.
They offer other services like Hair Making, Hammam, Body Scrubs and Waxing.
I'm definitely getting my hair made there next month and you know there will be a Hair Post on it.
If you've been stressed in recent times make sure you indulge in this affordable VIP Spa Treat, it is Great Value for Money.
If you have a family member, friend or loved one that deserves to be treated, gift them this VIP Spa Treat at Maison De Beaute.

It is really affordable and they will definitely love and appreciate you more for it.

I saw two different couples come in for a massage, they have a barber there too so this isn't only for ladies.

Get your coupon from Deal Dey here and let me know what your experience is like. You have until the 6th of July to purchase your coupon and it is valid for 7 days after purchase.

Follow them on Instagram @MaisonDeBeaute_NG to know about their other deals and services.

The Spa is located at number 6, T.F. Kuboye Street, Oniru New Market Lekki, between the first and second roundabout. They are open from 9am till 7pm every day of the week except Sunday when they open at 1.

Let me know if you've been to Maison De Beaute before and let me know what your experience is like when you have your spa treat.



  1. Chai, i want too.
    My body really needs this at this point.
    Thanks for sharing Tuke

    1. You're Welcome Lade.
      Let me know what your experience is like when you visit!

  2. You really had a good spa treat from the pictures.

  3. This looks really nice. I would really love to try this out, even if its just once. Thank you for sharing Tuke!!

    1. Thanks Desire.
      You really should, it is worth every penny!
      You're welcome :)