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Lagos Make Up Fair Haul

Hey Guys,

Hope you had a Great Week, mine was Super Busy, shared a lot of what I got up to on Insta Stories.

Last Weekend was Awesome, my friends and family members surprised me on Saturday, I played at Atinuda on Friday and I stocked up on Beauty Products on Sunday.
Lime crime Davis Maybelline Zaron LA Colours Makeup

I visited the Lagos Make up Fair for the First time in 2014 and wrote a post about my haul here. I bumped into some of the same vendors from then and patronised them again.

This time around I had a budget of 15k and a list of products I wanted to get.
Primer from Ponds
Pond's Primer: N3,500
I've used a number of Primers over the years from Zaron to Maybelline, Elf and Benefit. I decided to try out Pond's as the make up artiste that beat my face in these pictures used it and I saw it on Toyosi's insta stories. Have you used it before? What did you think? What is your favourite primer?
Black Gel Liner from Zaron
Zaron Longer Gel Eyeliner: N2,500
It costs significantly less at the Zaron store but they have run out of Black so I just had to buy it from the only vendor that had it at a premium price. This is my favourite gel eyeliner, it doesn't smudge and the pot can last for over a year. Have you tried the elf, maybelline or hegai and esther one? If yes, what did you think of it? Do you prefer liquid, pencil or gel eyeliner?
Gel Eyeliner made in Nigeria by Zaron
Egg Brush: N700
Never used one before but I hear it makes the process of washing make up brushes easier. Remember my post showing how I wash my brushes, hope this shortens the time it takes.
Baby Pink Brush Egg
Maybelline Mascara: N2,000 for 2
I haven't used this particular one but I have used a couple of their mascara's before. Check out the ones I've tried in this post and this post? After walking around the fair a second time, I realised another stall had a bowl full of different types of maybelline mascara's at sale for 1k so I could have even stuck to my old favourites. It's all good though, I know this one would work great.
2 in 1 Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara
Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick in Wicked: N2,000
Giveaway Price and I love the colour, it's a deep wine.

Glitter N300 from @ShopSisiNg
I've been seeing a lot of people put it on their lips. Hope it looks cute on me
Brown Eyebrow Pencil from Davis
Davis Eyebrow Pencil: N1,000 for a pack of 12
I thought this was a pretty good deal as most places sell 1 pencil for N100-200. I hung out with Toyosi at the fair and she got her pack for N600 at Lagos Island the day before. She bought her Pond's at N5,500 so I made up my loss there.
Davis Eyebrow Pencil

100 Naira Eyebrow Pencil from Davis
Eyelashes and Glue: N1,000
Ardell Eyelash Duo Pack for Disney
Romantic lip colour : N500

La Colours: N1,000 for 2

MUA Lip Gloss: N1,000
Beauty Haul from Lagos Makeup Fair
Four of the five lip products I got are different shades of pink, I like the way pink looks on my lips. I also like the way red looks so will get some red lip glosses next time I shop.
Discounted Makeup from Lagos Makeup Fair
Did any of you attend the make up fair? If yes, what did you get? Where do you tend to do your make up shopping? Do you use any of these products?



  1. This was a good haul! The only thing I can use here is the eye pencil and gel liner.loool
    Hopefully, I learn this make up thing before the year runs out.

    1. Thanks Cassie.
      Lool, you can use primer now, it's just to rub it on the face.

  2. Love this haul! You basically got all the makeup essentials.
    I sometimes use the davis eyebrow pencil. Thank you for sharing this!

    Or√©oluwa’s blog

  3. I wish I went. I usually don't miss makeup fairs because I love makeup so much! But that day I attended the Stylvo creatives connect event. Thanks for sharing your new haul

    1. Awwww, you would have come on Sunday, that's when I went.
      I stopped by the stylvo event on Saturday, just to say Congrats to Laiza, trust you enjoyed it!

  4. Love this haul, Like Ore sad, you got the essentials.
    Quite bumped i missed the fair

    1. Thanks Lade.
      Awwww, there will be another one soon.