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Restaurant Review: Shiro Lagos

So, Shiro is one restaurant that got Lagos excited when it opened in December last year.
Shiro Restaurant Lagos

I visited for the first time in March and had Garlic Rice, Yellow Curry, Chicken in Hot Beef and Beef in Black Bean Sauce.
Yellow Curry, Garlic rice and beef in black bean sauce at shiro lagos
I wasn’t blown away by the food then but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience because of the people I was with and the fact that I unexpectedly made 50k that night. The light sauce in the wooden pot was my favourite.
Wooden Japanese Serving Bowl
A group of people asked me to take pictures of their boss as they were celebrating his birthday and they just sent me 50k on the spot :)
It was quite funny because at church before dinner, the minister had said some of us would get unexpected testimonies and miracles before we got home, I was one of them.
I visited Shiro again last week for my sister’s birthday dinner and we started off having cocktails, most people got frozen margaritas, the apricot and strawberry one were delicious. 
The apricot one  was refreshing and light while the strawberry one was sweet.
On my first visit to shiro, I had missed out on the starters as my car was blocked in at church so I got there late. This time around I got to try out different types of starters and they were wonderful.
I didn’t try the sushi as I wasn't feeling super adventurous.
I've only tried raw sushi once at izanagi, with my friend Jemma from this post.
My cousin and sister loved the sushi and said it was the best they have ever had
They got the Crispy Avocado Maki Roll and another roll with Cod.
Can you use chopsticks?
We got the chicken and vegetable spring rolls and they were both utterly delicious. They were fresh and light like thai spring rolls, 3 long ones cut into two. N3,500 for the vegetable one and N4,000 for the chicken one.
We got the Chicken Yakitori skewers and they came really nicely and tasted soooooo good. It cost N3,500
My sister and her friends got stir fried edamame, never tried it before and I didn’t try it this time around. I’m really not as adventurous with food as I look/seem.
They were 8 of us which is why we ordered quite a wide variety of dishes.
We didn’t order any beef dishes because for some odd reason the chicken dishes are significantly cheaper than the beef ones.
The clay pot rice was legit, don’t bother getting the garlic rice, just get the clay pot rice with vegetables.
We got the fish with chilli and mustard and I didn’t like it one bit. The mustard isn’t nice honey mustard, it has a harsh unpleasant taste.
We got the lobster as a starter and it wasn’t that great to be honest. Their signature hot bean sauce gets tiring after a while. I wish one could get the lobster with a lighter sauce.
We didn’t get any dessert as there was more than enough cake on the table.
We got the Stir Fried Chicken and Black Bean in a Noodle Basket.
It looks interesting, like the lobster, however it is the same monotonous sauce which gets tiring. I wish they offered different sauce options.
I really like the outdoor seating area at shiro, I ended up playing at a proposal there 2 friday's ago. The cabana’s and sea breeze can make one feel like you’re on vacation plus the ambience indoors is Amazing, high ceilings, huge buddha, different styles of tables to cater to varying needs, they sabi the work!
Have any of you been to shiro before? What was your experience there like?
Are you a fan of Japanese food? If yes, where is your favourite Japanese restaurant in Lagos/the world?

P.S. Shiro isn't as expensive as people make it out to be, it depends on what you order.


  1. This encapsulates all the things I would not eat. I do not like oyinbo food. My rice with stew and amala is enough for me. No adventures with my tummy.

    People call me village girl but that's their business. I tap into that kind of blessings o.

    Nice post Tuke

    1. Looool, ahnahn, even Spring rolls and the Chicken Yakitori?
      Loooool, Amen o!
      Thank you :)

    2. Lol Lade you and me both! I don't like Oyinbo food too and jollof rice is fine for me, thank you. Great pictures! Need to take some lessons in photography and editing from you

    3. Looool, Thank you!
      Holla when you're ready :)

    4. Lol Lade you cracked me up with that comment but honestly though you'll never know until you try it. Amazing pictures as always Tuke, the crab thing looks so good.

      Princess Audu

    5. Lool, help me tell her o!
      Thank you :)

    6. What is spring roll? mchew. And pls can we have the chicken with the 'Yakitori' part?

      Sarah, I have tried. I end up spitting it out...indeed i have. Glad to see i'm not the only one in this boat

  2. As always, your pictures are excellent.