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Denim Midi Skirt x Vintage Polka Dot Shirt

Hey Guys,

I wore this look to a TV interview on Tuesday and people loved the outfit, from this boomerang, so much I decided to shoot.

I think it gives off vintage vibes because of the length of the midi skirt and the size of the polka dots on the shirt.
Black and White Large Polka Dot Shirt
The skirt was a gift from my friend, Harira, she also gave me the skirt in this post, isn't she lovely :)
Black and White Polka Dot Shirt and Denim Skirt
I really like matching tan/brown accessories: bag, belt and shoes.
Making a Brown Bally Bag Funky
I think denim and white go really nicely with brown accessories, like in this post.
Retro Style on Black Blogger
I will probably rock this skirt again with a plain white top and tan accessories, expect that post sometime this quarter.
Black Fashion Blogger in Denim Midi Skirt & Black Polka Dot Shirt
The top in this post got a mini feature in a blurry picture here when I wanted to try the polka on polka trend.
Smiling Black Blogger rocking Polka Dots
I got it on sale from H n M for £5 only, Amazing right?
Shirt with Large Black & White Polka Dot
Check out other posts of me rocking polka dots herehere and here.
Silk Shirt with Black & White Polka Dot
My hair is in my Signature Sleek Natural Low Ponytail, check out the tutorial here on how to achieve it :)
Retro Black Blogger rocking Vintage Polka Dot Shirt
I'm rocking my mum's old Bally Bag, styled it previously here.
Tan Accessories with Polka Dot and Denim
My friend, Gbemi Otudeko took these pictures and I edited them. We recorded a little fun video too  so watch out for that :D
 Smiling fashion blogger in Polka Dot Shirt on Wooden Planks
My earrings are from the Masaai Market in Kenya, let me know if you would like a Haul Picture Post or a Haul Video post.
Natural Hair Ponytail using Her Given Hair Sideview
It's a restricted movement till 3pm kinda Saturday in Lagos, hope you get some rest and catch up on posts you've missed!
Styling Black and White Oversized Polka Dot Shirt
P.S. If you like my hair and want to get something similar, it is 2 bundles of the coily texture from Her Given Hair. Get 5% off when you use the coupon code TUKE at check out.
Top Black Style Blogger sitting on wooden bench in Denim Skirt and Polka Dot Shirt
One of my major goals for the year came to pass yesterday, can't wait to share :)
Black Style Blogger with wonderful skin and smile
 Let me know what you think of Polka Dots & Denim Skirts.
  Also, let me know if there is a particular print style you like e.g. gingham, animal print, african print, etc
 Happy Voting!


  1. I'm a lover of that denim!❤ Keep it up Tuke!

  2. Beautiful outfit and smile. Lovely shoes I must say!!

  3. Nice one Tuke, Love the skirt

  4. Love this outfit Tuke! The skirt is so cool and I love the fact that you paired the look with tan accessories :)
    Coco Bella Blog

  5. I'm in love with both your hair and skirt, Tuke!


  6. Loving the vintage vibes and I'm all for matching accessories too;bag, belt and most especially shoes. On favorite prints? Plaid and African print always does it for me.

    1. Thank you :)
      Awww, Nice!
      I only like plaid when I'm going for a Tomboyish lumberjack look.
      African Prints for the win!!

  7. This outfit is the cutest thing.

  8. Our wide smile๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜. Lovely skirt.

    1. Yes o, our wonderful wide smile :)
      Thank you!