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A Fulani Woman

Thank you so much for all the love you've shown my Blog, we hit 600,000 views today and I'm just so happy and grateful, please subscribe here if you haven't already. It would mean a lot to me.Nigerian Fulani woman

I've had a pretty tumultuous year with 3 deaths in my family, 2 of which were quite destabilising. Even though death comes with major side affects we are all slowly readjusting back to work and life.
Beautiful fulani woman outfit
It feels great being able to create Amazing Unique content once again and I pray God grants all of us long life.
Fulani Attire on Smiling African Lady
I tried out Fulani Braids and Beads and showed you how the hair was made via video here.
Fulani Braids & Beads Hairstyle
The Hairstyle reminded me of this outfit I bought in Abuja in 2013 and I decided to shoot with it.
Braids & Beads on Fulani Woman
I teamed up with some Amazing creatives and this magic was created.
Fulani culture
The video on this Fulani look will be going up on my channel this week so make sure you subscribe here so you don't miss it.
traditional fulani woman
My makeup was done by Jennifer Lisa Uloko of Yanga Beauty Studio.
tribal makeup on beautiful woman
She sells make up products too so make sure you follow Yanga Beauty and try out their quality Liquid Lipstick, Glitter Eyeshadow, Browlution Eye Brow Pencil and Black Liquid Eyeliner.
african tribal makeup picture
These pictures were taken by Boboiso, he sells photography equipment too so if you need a speed light, reflectors, tripod or any other photography gear, holla at him, his pricing is really affordable.
African Woman on phone
My accessories are from Kenya and England.
Fulani Jewellery Bracelet
 The creative direction was done by yours truly :)
Fulani Lady costume Even though there is so much I want to achieve with my Blog and Brand that hasn't yet materialised I am grateful for the small wins and the journey thus far.
tribal makeup ideas
It is remarkable that there are only 4 months left in the year but I am 150% positive that these 4 months will be mindblowingly awesome.
Fulani Dance
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
Check out the first part of the video Otudeko Media recorded here, the quality is so Awesome, Nigeria is blessed with Talented Individuals.



  1. Wow!!!
    You look extremely beautiful..love the makeup..love the outfit.
    Girl,you should keep whoever did your makeup on a permanent retainer.
    It's flawless..it's not loud,plus it makes your face pop!

    1. Thank you Eastner :)
      Her name is Jennifer and we have a lovely partnership!
      She is an Amazingly Talented and Business Minded Entrepreneur/Make Up Artist :D

  2. Congrats Tuks Tuks!! This was a pretty shoot, and the outfit is spot on.
    We pray for more growth this year and always!


  3. Congratulations on the 600k, Tuke! More milestones to hit before the year ends!
    Love everything about this shoot, beautiful!

  4. Congratulations Tuke!!!

    You're really beautiful. Cheers to greater things to come :)

  5. Tuke you are simply gorgeous. Congrats and greater highs in Jesus name Amen.

  6. Congratulations Tuke! And I love love the outfit and makeup and of course photography! You should do more cultural inspired themed shoots :)

    1. Thanks Amarachi :)
      I plan to do more so watch out for them!!!

  7. You're so fine! Love your smile and love everything about this shoot!


  8. When I saw this on Instagram, I was so pleased. Well done again Tuke!!
    Yanga Beauty's Browlution has been on my mind for a while, but no owo. The make-up is pretty bomb!
    The remaining months will be much greater than the former in Jesus' Name.

  9. Congrats on 600k babe, you honestly deserve it. My condolences on the rough year, thank God for growth and strength. This is one of my faves of your projects to date. So stunning. Cheers to bigger and better things for you!!

    1. Thank you Tiese :)
      I really appreciate the kind words.

  10. You are so beautiful Tuke. Love everything about this look, the makeup and the hair especially. You certainly look like a Fulani princess!

    I will subscribe to your channel, may the souls of your loved ones departed rest in peace <3
    Coco Bella Blog