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Asmara Ethiopian Restaurant Nairobi

Hey Guys,

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When I travel, food is one of the things I look forward to the most, I was in the Uk for 4 weeks last year and I put up 5 different food posts from my time there.
Injera with Chicken & Beef Sauce
ethiopian food injera
These aren't the only restaurants I visited though, I went to Wagamama, Pizza Hut, all the fast food joints and more.
ethiopian bread and chicken
When I went to Kenya and Dubai in May/June, I spent a lot on food as well. A lot of food pictures were put up on my Instagram Page & Insta Stories thanks to my Samsung Galaxy S8.
beef tips with onions and peppers
I used my DSLR Camera in Kenya but not in Dubai, my favourite meal was this Noodle Dish from Assia in Wok at a food court in Dubai Marina Mall.
shredded beef and peppers
I tried out Authentic Ethiopian Food for the first time and I wasn't a huge fan.
beef served in unique dish
The only thing I actually ate was the beef strips in the charcoal pot *covers face*Ethiopian Beef steak & Peppers
Injera is the beige coloured sourdough bread, you tear it off and use it to eat the different chicken, beef or fish sauces.
ethiopian injera bread and beef
We had this for lunch on the day we left Kenya, I felt like I got a Food Education as it was my first time trying Ethiopian food.
ethiopian sauces
If you are in Nigeria and would like to try Ethiopian food, the only authentic place I can recommend is Saba Restaurant in Maitama, Abuja.
charcoal for ethiopian coffee
Have you tried Ethiopian Food before? Did you like it? If you haven't tried it, will you be adventurous enough to give it a shot?
ethiopian coffee pot
Ethiopia is fondly called the Birthplace of coffee and they had one of their staff roasting coffee outside.
roasted ethiopian coffee beans
 Have any of you been to Ethiopia before? Is it on the list of countries you want to visit? I flew Ethiopian airlines on my way to Uganda in 2014 and took advantage of the sleeper chairs at the ethiopian airport while waiting for my connecting flight.
charcoal to roast ethiopian coffee
Sri Lanka has recently been added to the list of countries I want to visit? What countries do you want to visit in the next year or two? 

P.S. I landed in the UK last night and will be here for a couple of weeks :)

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  1. You do travel a lot..I like that.
    I'm planning on traveling to either Morocco or Tanzania by August.
    Havn't decided though.
    I am very picky with our naija food,so,i doubt i'll be adventurous enough to try other countries food if i am not sure it will taste nice.