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Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera Unboxing & Video Test

After months of research, saving and planning, I finally got myself a Mirrorless Camera, the Canon M50 Video Creator Kit 🎉 🎉 🎉
Unboxing the Canon M50
I compared many cameras, wrote out the pros and cons, the features they had like battery life, wifi, Mic Input, Flash Hotshoe, Flip out screen, 4k capability and lens availability. 
Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera
I watched reviews, read reviews, tried out people's camera's, spoke to other photographers and content creators before finally deciding to get this one.
Canon m50 body and kit lens
I got the Video Creator Kit by Beach Camera from Amazon, check out the specific Bundle here.
Canon EOS M50
It came with loads of accessories and I showed them all in my video which you can watch here.
I love how compact and modern my set up is and can't wait to discover the camera's capabilities.

Canon m50 Vlogging Setup
My previous camera was a bit limiting because it was heavy, had no flip out screen, no mic jack input, no wifi or bluetooth. 
Canon m50 & Rode Video Mic Go
I've only used this camera for a few weeks now and it's made such a difference already.
Canon m50 review & Sample Footage

What camera do you use? Does it have any limitations? Are you looking to get a new one anytime soon?



  1. This Video Creator Kit looks good!

  2. Seems it’s a good camera from the details.still using my phone for blog picture,hopefully I get to save up to get a good camera

    1. It definitely is, I hope you are able to save enough, small small.

  3. Seems it’s a good camera..still using my phone for my blog pictures,planning on getting a good camera soon

  4. Hi Tuke. This camera is everything. I'm currently using a canon1200d and it doesnt have a bluetooth, flip over screen and wifi. Not planning on getting a new one soon though. Nice to have you back

    1. It really is. I'll say make the most of your camera and the features it has until you're ready to upgrade.

  5. Hey Tukes!it seem like a good camera, how did you get is shipped to Nigeria since amazon does not ship to Nigeria.